About The IncomeURL

Hello, this is S. Jacob.

I am a  freelance Digital Marketing Consultant and Content Strategist. This is what I do for a living since 2009.

If it’s your first time to come here, let me welcome you and thank you for dropping by. I hope you could learn from our experiences in freelancing, blogging, and building and growing an online businesses.

Whether you are a complete beginner or pro in what you do now. I want to say that I am your friend 🙂

On this page, I will talk about the following:

  • What IncomeURL is all about.
  • The reason I started this blog.
  • How is this blog different.
  • What my goals and missions are for this blog.

Let’s get started…

What the blog is all about?

The name IncomeURL came from the idea of building income online. 

While there are different ways to build an income online, I started this blog to write and talk about freelancing, blogging, and  starting an online business. At least for now as I have a wide array of interests under personal finance topics. 

Wherever you are right now in your career but if you are someone who is looking to:

  • Start or grow an online business 
  • Start a freelancing career or work as a freelancer
  • Learn how to start a blog 

Or if you are just someone who is looking to know if it’s really possible to make a living online to work with your own hours, this blog is for you. 

How is this blog different? 

There are literally hundreds of websites out there that talk about blogging, freelancing, and starting and growing  an online business. How is this different? You ask.

Since 2009, I’ve been freelancing, blogging, and building online business. My years of experience  have allowed me to share insights and actionable steps, guide, and strategies that I know will help anyone who is looking to start and build an income online. 

This blog, IncomeURL, was born and built on the idea to document and share the things I’ve learned.

On the other side, I’d like to also share some motivations and inspirations along the way so you can  “Start and Focus” on things that matter.

My goal is to help you set goals for yourself and achieve them.

Having a clear goal in mind is paramount.

Goals guide our daily decisions and behavior. 

Setting goals will allow us to stay focused on a daily basis.

This is why I set my own goals for this blog. 

My number 1 goal is to help you succeed with freelancing, blogging, and digital marketing by sharing the up-to-date information of things  I wish I had known when I was just starting out.

My number 2 goal is to become the best resource for freelancers and job seekers for career advice to succeed in the new economy. 

My number 3 goal is to help those who are interested in starting and running an online business by turning ideas into reality to build passive income streams to work because you want to not because you have to. 

Conventional wisdom and researchers agree that sharing your goals with a friend will help you achieve your goal since the practice inhibits accountability.

I consider readers of IncomeURL as friends since you came here, reading my contents, for the same amount of interest as I do.

Work because you want to, not because you have to

It has been said that if you love your work, you don’t have to work a day in your life.  

This is only possible if again,” you work because you want to, not because you have to.”

My mission no 1. is to help you build passive income streams online, and break free your 9-5 routine that you don’t see yourself growing, to have more time on things that matter to you – your family, your friends, your dreams, your passion.

My mission no 2. is to share solutions, ideas, new technology, tactics, and strategies to help you become successful in the freelancing community and digital economy. 

What do I believe in doing all these? 

We live in such a time wherein every information is just a click away.  But not trust and credibility.

I really believe that the only way to earn trust and credibility is by helping more. 

If I help you more, will you trust me less?”  I believe in this principle and this is all that. 

Helping people by sharing and teaching what I know is essential to earn a living online and from home makes me happy. 

We all want to do the things that make us happy and repeat them in as much as we can. In my case, this is one of them. 

As a lifelong learner in life, teaching, and sharing what I know makes me really happy and content. It’s among the things I have been passionate about since birth. 

Let’s connect, shall we?

I really wanted to connect with like-minded people.  I’d be happy to receive a simple hello from you. If you want to contact me for anything. Here’s a link to my contact page.

If you want to follow me on social media, here’s a link to our Facebook Page and Twitter.

If you are reading until this point. Thank you so much.  

Thank you for reading. Jacob.

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