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Hi, my name is Sb Samante but I am called Jacob Villa. I respond to both, no problem.

Nice to meet you!

What’s with the two names? Well, I am a product of a broken family and my adoptive parents wanted me to name “Jacob Villa” but it was too late. On papers, I am called Sb Samante, to some family and friends, I am called Jacob, and I prefer to be called Jacob, to be honest. Complicated huh? 

Well, we’re not going to talk about my family drama here. So, let’s put it aside and talk about why I started this blog. 

What do you do for a living?  I get this question a lot that if only I get paid to answer it, I’ll be banking good figures.

In 2009 when I was starting out, I didn’t know about freelancing, digital marketing, and digital publishing. It was just out of curiosity and massive interest. 

Back then, I just knew that it’s possible to earn a living online and it’s completely legit to do business online profitably. 

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them plainly that I work online or I run an online business.

Some of them do not believe, in fact, they think that in one way or another, it’s just a fluke and it’s just a sham. 

But for those who believe, I always find time for them to share what I know and what I do. 

For 11 years now, I’ve been working from home doing different online jobs, building and selling online businesses, and trying and testing a lot of side hustles.

To be a little bit more technical, it’s 11 years of freelancing and digital marketing. 

In a nutshell, starting this blog is my way of helping you work from home, find and start a side hustle, and more importantly, build an online business to grow your income online as I did. 

Then, show to people that this what I do for a living. 

The Goal

  • My number 1 goal is to help you succeed with freelancing, digital marketing, and digital publishing by sharing the up-to-date information of things  I wish I had known when I was just starting out.
  • My number 2 goal is to become the best resource for freelancers and job seekers for career advice to succeed in the new economy. 
  • My number 3 goal is to help those who are interested in starting and running an online business for building passive income streams.

The Mission

  • My mission no 1. is to help you build passive income streams online, and break free your 9-5 routine that you don’t see yourself growing, to have more time on things that matter to you – your family, your friends, your dreams, your cause… etc.
  • My mission no 2. is to share solutions, ideas, new technology, tactics, and strategies to help you become successful in the freelancing community and digital economy. 


What I believe in doing all these? 

We live in such a time wherein every information is just a click away.  But not trust and credibility.

I really believe that the only way to earn trust and credibility is by helping more. I mean, If I help you more, will you trust me less?  I believe in this principle and this is all that. 

Helping people by sharing and teaching what I know is essential to earn a living online and from home makes me happy.

We all want to do the things that make us happy and repeat them in as much as we can. In my case it is this one. 

So whether you are someone who is…

  1. Looking to learn how to effectively work from home
  2. Looking for work from home jobs or legit online jobs.
  3. Interested in doing side-hustles to supplement income. 
  4. Above all, interested in learning how to build an online business from scratch. 

And a lot more about freelancing, digital marketing, and digital publishing. This blog is for you. 

What makes me qualified to do this?

For over a decade, I’ve learned, I’ve failed, I’ve tried,  I’ve succeeded, and vice versa.

It’s a loop and I wanted to make a twist, this time, share the journey with you reading this blog. 

Can I tell you a story? 

Back in 2009 while still in college, I got my first high-paying online job as an Internet Marketing consultant. 

Since then, I never had any single interest in pursuing a 9-5 job in a corporate world.

Before I became a consultant, everything started with a simple “Why”.

I was eager to know and understand how people are doing business and making money online, and so I got acquainted with freelancing, digital publishing, and digital marketing which puts me to a lot of reading that I end sacrificing a lot of things.

Like anyone else,  I tried, I failed, I lost a lot of money, and in the process, it came to a point that no one believed me except myself alone. 

It’s a lonely journey in the beginning because nobody seems to believe what I do. They all think the same way, they think it’s just a waste of time and a sham. 

I really think that the reason they think so is simple: It’s hard for them to believe that you can earn a living online since it is something new at that time or even maybe until today to some people. 

But despite all sorts of remarks, discouragements, and sapping support systems, I didn’t stop. Instead, I keep learning and working online.

When I start to get paid up to $30/hr, which is already a lot for a teenager in college and earn up to 3 figures weekly or 4 figures monthly, people around me are starting to ask questions. 

Things like the generic “how to make money online, how to start an online job, how to work from home?” and so on until today.

Teaching and sharing what I know makes me really happy and content, starting this blog is basically answering all that. So why have I only started this blog recently? 

To answer the question of why I only started this blog just recently is another story to tell. 

So, if you don’t mind,  let me tell you another story…

I created an online business that reaches 120,000,000 people worldwide without any of my friends and family knowing. Then, just as I silently win. I silently failed too.

My website receives 100,000 to 500,000 traffic each month.

Yes! It was truly incredible and amazing!

While all these are happening, none of my friends and family knew. I am so reserved and private myself that I don’t see the need to share these things at that time.

They don’t even know that the contents their sharing on their platform was made by someone they knew.

I was just happy myself that finally, I’ve achieved something I can be proud of.

Fast forward, after building my own audience, I know and  I understand that it’s easy to make money now. At first, I’ve tested different platforms and forms of monetizing my audience.

However, as time passes by, I end up spending more time than ever. I just don’t like it. I always don’t like the idea of just trading my time for work alone.

Originally, the reason I fell in love working online and from home is, I can be everywhere, I can work anywhere and at any time.

Literally, I don’t get stuck, which is the best feeling in the world.

Like this, I know I want something that once setup will continually earn me income, this is then I realize that I should build multiple passive income streams.

So just like what most publishers would do, I’ve applied Google Adsense to my website, and as soon as ads were placed, money was rolling into my account.

It was cool! I only have to set up it once, and it works, and what’s even cooler was, the more I update them on my site, the more income grows.

The feeling of checking your Google Adsense account grow daily was really motivating. I  still vividly remember the first time I checked it, it’s amazing!

Then I failed miserably.

At that point, I thought, this is it! I’ve found my silver lining!

But alas! One day, I received a devastating email from Google saying my account was banned for fraudulent activity.


At first, I was confused, then later, I was horrified. They freeze my income and I don’t know what to do, but  I know I didn’t do anything bad.

Like what most people who received this horrifying email would do, I filed for an appeal. Unfortunately, I was not considered. I’ve lost it.

Later on, I found the culprit, but it’s useless to go more about it, anyway, I’ve lost the account forever. What’s left is moving on.


At that time, Adsense is my primary source of income, therefore, losing the account was a complete shock on my part.

With hanging expenses, I don’t know how to keep up. So to end all the confusion completely, I made a decision haphazardly. I sold the site and all its properties.

I know it was a bad decision, but I was short-sighted at that time.

After paying all the hanging expenses, I’ve had some money left to start over, however, at that time, I wanted to take a break from doing anything online.

When a friend came and suggested an offline business, I’ve decided to start over offline, but that one too failed in just 3 years.

Then, I realize, working from home, building a home-based business, and building passive income online has never failed for years, so it is something I must return to. It is something worth building for.


So, I started this blog to share with you all that I learn.

..that’s right, I decided to start this blog to share and teach people like you how to work from home, build an online business, and earn a passive income as I did.

I wish to share the things that I know will work and will not work so you won’t have to repeat the same mistakes I had.

Moreover, I wanted to be accountable. So, creating this blog wherein I share to you what my goals are and share everything I do to hit the goal, and hopefully less sharing of reasons why I could not hit a certain goal.

Conventional wisdom and researchers say that sharing your goal with a friend will help you achieve them.

I consider readers of IncomeURL to be a friend since you came here for the same amount of interests as I am, that’s what friends are all about, right? So I don’t mind sharing.

Let’s connect, shall we?

I really wanted to connect with like-minded people.  I’d be happy to receive a simple hello from you. If you want to contact me for anything. Here’s a link to my contact page.

If you want to follow me on social media, here’s a link to our Facebook group and Twitter.

I hope my journey will inspire you and help you to start working from home, build a home-based business and build passive income to achieve financial freedom for the lifestyle you wanted for your family, your friends, yourself, and for everything that you care about.

Thank you for reading. Jacob. 


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