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17 Real Ways on How To Make Money Online

Today, I am going to share 17 real ways on how to make money online. I decided to write this list to help you earn money online and have the opportunity to dictate your own schedule as I do. 

Whatever is your financial concern now, I hope that this list of proven ways to make money post will help you address those concerns and if it does, please let me know in the comment box below this post, it will inspire and motivate me even to share ways to make money.

Proven-Ways to Make Money Online

Since I don’t know everything, there are surely proven-ways to make money online that I missed to include in this article. If that is the case please let me know in the comment section so that perhaps we could add them, and hopefully, it will help someone who can execute them.

First, let’s talk about why it is good to make money online.

As I have mentioned in the 28 Websites to Make Money post, all jobs or ways to make money are good if it is your choice, your dream job, and if that choice or dream job makes you happy.

I’d like to believe that what makes you happy and fulfilled is what really matters here, not making money itself.

Now, there are so many good reasons why it is worth the time and effort to make money online, three of the greatest reasons are:

  • You own and control your time.
  • It’s completely passive.
  • It’s long-term.

It’s the dream surely to have control of your own time while earning a passive income that is long term.


As you know, we’re not born with infinite time to live in this world. In fact, we live in a very limited time. Therefore, if we constantly live our lives trading our time for dollars. We’ll end up not experiencing true riches.

What are they?

More time with family and friends, and perhaps creating a positive impact on others with a meaningful activity that you are most interested in and you find valuable.

Aren’t all these are true riches?

If you are ready to learn proven-ways on how to make money online to be your own boss, have a passive, and long term source of income, let’s begin the list.

17 Real Ways on How To Make Money Online

1. Start a blog.

a laptop in the table with a lamp

If you are looking to have a passive and long term source of income, you should start a blog.

However, unlike the 28 websites to make money I have mentioned on the other post that you can pay you up to $100/hr if you qualify as a tester of the services.

Starting a blog is a different story.

Starting a blog takes time to make money, and chances are you could not be making any money as well if it is not properly set up, and if you are not consistent with blogging.

There are already numerous people who make money blogging from $10,000 to $100,000 each month.

Surprising, but this is true.

As you can see below, these sites are sold for thousands.


What does it mean? Why they are priced liked that?

The short answer is, these sites are making money each month that they can be sold in that price. They are priced according to the sites’ capacity to earn money each month.

Now, let me list the benefits of blogging for you.


5 benefits of Making Money Blogging.

1. It’s Passive: Unlike starting an offline business, you don’t have to be physically present to earn money. As the internet runs 24/7, so does your blog, it is open 24/7. Since it is passive, you can have a more meaningful time to someone or something that matters to you the most.

2. It’s Long-term: Given you’ve successfully established and grown your blog, its potential to earn money online will be long term. Whether you like it or not, it will make you money month after month, even year after year. It is not like those businesses that can go bankrupt at any time when some rates are running slow.

3. You are your own boss: Being your own boss means you have total control of your own time, this is what I like about making money online.

4.  Freedom: Starting a blog offers not just financial freedom, but freedom of time as well. Yes, many people cannot have this kind of freedom since they have to trade their time for dollars, of course, those who trade their time for the job they love doing is exempted.

5. Work anywhere, any time: As long as there is an internet connection you can literally work at any time, even you can work with your pajamas. It’s all up to you.

These are just some of the many benefits of making money by starting a blog.

Now, let me tell you about the things you need to prepare to start a blog.


6 Things to Prepare to Make Money Blogging.

1. A Domain Name:  This is the name of your blog.

2. A Hosting Account: This is where you will upload your blog to go online.

3. A WordPress theme: This is the look and feel of your blog.

4. A blog topic you are passionate about: This is will be your articles all about.

5. Basic Plugins: This is like tiny robots to do some work for your blog.

6. Articles to post: This is the content of the blog.

5 Things to remember when starting to make money blogging.

1. Focus on a specific topic: To stay relevant and useful to your visitors.

2. Be consistent on blogging: To make your blog updated.

3. Commitment and self-discipline are important: To make it successful.

4. Always post excellent and relevant posts to your topic: Useful content makes the cut.

5. Do it now: If not, usually we’ll never think of doing it in the future.

If you are not sure how to start a blog, in the coming days, I will be posting a step-by-step guide on how to start a profitable blog today.

(I will post an update on this post, please bookmark if you want to check it later here)


2. Start Making Money with Affiliate Marketing.

a guy selling item to a woman

Unlike starting a blog, you can make money online as well without having a blog by promoting other people’s product for a commission – This is called affiliate marketing.

Even though it is advisable to have your own blog to run a successful marketing business if you have the budget and skill you can also profit from Affiliate Marketing without any website.

Basically, affiliate marketing is promoting other business owners’ products.

If you check JVZOO, ClickBank, WarriorForum, MaxBounty, Peerfly, and many other sites.

You can see that there are so many products to promote and if you are able to convert your visitor into a buyer through your affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission.

For example:

If you go to ClickBank, you see a lot of offers there and the amount they pay you if you can make a sale, if you have the budget, you can advertise it on Facebook or on any high trafficked platforms then make a cut.

Many people are earning a lot of money from affiliate marketing. For example, Bluehost paid over $5 Million to their affiliates,

What does it mean?  Their affiliates are making good money.


7 Things to Consider to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.

1. Start a website if you can: It is better to become the authority on that topic.

2. Always capture emails: So that you can send them to follow up.

3.  Design a sales funnel:  So that Customers can easily follow and decide.

4.  Provide free and useful content: So that customers will trust you better.

5. Communicate regularly: It takes regular communication before they convert.

6. Balance Spending: If you are doing some ads, check where to spend the budget.

7. Check Statistics: To know which efforts work well for profit.

I understand that starting an affiliate marketing business can really be a tedious job. Considering this, please watch out for a separate post on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

I will write a separate post for this. For now, please bookmark this page if you want to check it out later.


3. Make Money Drop-shipping.

a man preparing a box

When things did not turn well for me, one of the ventures that I decided to do was Drop-shipping.

Drop-shipping is selling a product you don’t actually hold at the moment. Basically, you just market it first then buy from the factory in bulk to make a cut. Like this, Drop-shipping business makes it extremely attractive to business-minded individuals since you don’t have to worry about holding physical products in fear that they don’t get sold among other concerns.

Real-life example.

This is what this guy in DealMan is doing. He makes around $100,000 each month by just advertising the products he doesn’t currently hold to Facebook. When someone buys from him, he just literally make an order to the factory and earn money from that purchase.

DealMan owner is just one of the many successful “drop-shipper” out there. To date, he is still running his Facebook Page, which means, the business is profitable.

Now, let me give you a  list of the benefits of Drop-shipping.

5 Advantages of Making Money by Drop-shipping

1. No physical product to worry about.
2. You will only outsource or buy items that are already sold.
3. No need to rent for warehouses.
4. More profit since it’s factory price and in bulk order. 
5. No need for large capital to start.

Now, if you are ready to start your own drop-shipping business, the following things should be your priority.

1. A reliable supplier. To ensure that you’re selling great products.
2. The reasonable price point for bulk orders. To make a cut.
3. A fast-shipping supplier. To avoid complains and negative feedback.
4. Low-minimum order. So you can serve a lot of customers.

If can also be so hard to start your own drop-shipping business, if you don’t know completely its nature, and since it takes a lot of space to write a guide on how to make money drop-shipping, later, I will update this post and link the guide here.

If you can, for now, please bookmark this page to check later on.

4. Make Money by connecting companies or people.

So far, what we have covered on ways to make money online requires a certain amount of money to start.

Starting a blog, an affiliate marketing business, and drop-shipping requires about $120/year to start if you want to start with your own website.

However, for this, you won’t be needing any capital to start earning. All you have to is to have the skill to connect people or companies to profit. You act as a  middleman in good faith.

As a middleman, you connect a specific person to a company and vice versa and make a reasonable cut.


Real-life Example.

This guy here makes $13,000 each month by doing Pinterest Job on Upwork.

If the check the video you can see that he just literally registered himself to Upwork and sell service as Pinterest Expert, then when some client came to him, he just hired people to do the job for him.

Please remember that the example below doesn’t guarantee you anything.

Citing this example doesn’t mean that you are going to earn the same amount of money. Of course, it requires a lot of effort and creativity to come up with this amount of income.

I am citing this as an example, so you can see the overall picture and just let you know what is possible.

The example is only limited to Upwork and Pinterest. They are many sites you can do this proven way to make money.  It’s all up to you which sites to scale up.


7 Advantages of Making Money Connecting Companies or People.

1. You don’t need any capital to start. You will just have to basically search.

2.  You don’t have to do the job yourself. Because you are to outsource it.

3. You have your own control. You can decide which order to take.

4. You don’t need a website. Because you use existing sites to search.

5. There are unlimited opportunities. You can connect any company to any skills.

6. You can build a sustainable source of income. It can grow over time.

7. You can employ people. Since you will provide the job to them.

However, as far as this model is a proven way to make money and is sustainable, there are few things you must avoid and be mindful of all the time to make money from this way effectively.


7 Things to Remember When Making Money by Connecting Companies or People.

1. Do not charge excessively your clients.

2. Demand from the person who will do the actual work reasonably.

3. Always give a reasonable turn-around time to both parties.

4. Do not disclose your clients’ information to your freelancers.

5. Avoid changing hired-men in the middle of fulfilling an order or service.

6. Always check first if you hired the right guy.

7. Always reserve the right for unlimited revision for a fixed price.

8. Always deliver for more to your clients to build a relationship.

9. Always pay to your hired-men on time, to build a relationship as well.

If you are going to remember all these and apply as you go along with this proven way to make money, you surely make money for the long term. This is especially true if you are able to build a strong and healthy relationship.


5. Make Money Selling Items

Another prove-way to make money online is to sell an item online.  This is not something new, even before many people are selling items online and make from it.

For example, on craigslist and eBay, you can see many people selling their items.

Today, there are already many other platform to sell your items online and make money at the comfort of your own home.

Let me share with you some of the most effective places to sell an item.

7 Sites to sell your items to make money.

1.  Amazon: As you may you have already known, you can sell just about anything here. However, if you have unused books, it is better to sell them on Amazon.

2. Facebook Marketplace: Back in the days, people just post an item on their Facebook profiles if they want to sell something. However, nowadays, people can now post an item for sale on Facebook Marketplace. This is a good platform as everything can be presented well to your target buyer.

3.Facebook Page: There are so many people having success with selling item on Facebook Page. If you have the budget you can advertise your page and sell your product to your targeted audience.

4. NextDoor: This service is really amazing, you can connect directly with your neighbors for some meaningful connections – which includes selling items you don’t need anymore or if you just wish to declutter.

These are just some of the many places you can sell an item to make money. However, to date, these sites above are commonly used everywhere and are found to be profitable.

5. Decluttr:  if you are looking to your old techs such as  DVD’s, CD’s , smartphones and more. Feel free to get them to Decluttr to make money.

6. Poshmark: This is a free app for everyone who is looking to sell their items such as bags, shoes, accessories and any other item you believe suits well to others, and make money at the same time.

7.5Miles: Do you wish to sell your item locally? Is it hard to ship your item? Then this platform is for you. 5Miles will help you find a buyer closer to you to make money.


6. Make Money Selling Your Photos.

If you are into photography or if you are really good at it, you can make money also by selling those photos you have captured yourself.

If you use these sites below, you can also make extra money or even good money if you are really passionate about taking photos.

Below are the sites you sell your photos to make money.

7 Sites to Sell Your Photos to Make Money.

1. Adobe Stock: Being around for 10 years now, and being the first platform to sell photos online to make money. Adobe Stock has already proven its authority in the market.

I recommended this site because they pay the highest royalty share when compared to other online shops.

Click here to register an account with Adobe Stock and make money from the highest royalty share.

2. Shutterstock: If you are looking to earn for long-term as a photographer, then you can earn money with Shutterstock. Their statistics show that they already paid over $500 million to their contributors.  You can also set all the rights to the photos you have uploaded.

Click here to register an account with Shutterstock and make money long term in the process.

3. 500px: Another great marketplace to sell your photos to make money online.  Apart from making money selling your photos, you can also make extra income by joining their many contests.

Click here to join 500px either by selling you photos to make money or join their contests.

4. Snapped4u: If as a photographer you have the right to sell events photos such as weddings, birthdays, and just about any special gatherings. Snapped4u is the best marketplace. While you receive all the rights of the photo you can also make money with their platform easily.

Click here to visit Snapped4u to register a free account to make money with your event photos today.

5. GettyImages: One of the largest platforms for selling your photography. This stock site often offers exclusive and high-end stock photos of which you can’t find anywhere else. Also, they offer the highest rate which starts from 20%.

Click here to join GettyImages today and make money from their highest rates.


6. iStock: They pay up to 45% of the commission. Surely, this is one of the best places to sell your photos to make money.

Register an account with iStock and earn money by contributing exclusive photos.

7. Stocksy: To be accepted and make money from this stock site you needed to contribute high-quality exclusive photos.

Register here and earn up to 75% commission.


7 Tips to sell your photos and make money.

1. Contribute exclusive and high-quality photos to earn more commissions.

2.  Choose and decide one stock site to focus so that it can make you more money.

3. If you want to test all, try to contribute a different stock photo to each site.

4. Always replicate what known brands or companies are looking for in a stock photo.

5. Do not be shy to self-promote your contributions.

6. If you can start your own site do it. It is always better.

7. Always check your rights as a contributor.

There are still a lot of stock sites to choose from, however, these sites are making its way to help photographers make money online by selling their photos exclusively or according to terms.


7. Make Money from your drawings, illustrations, and graphic designs.

If you are also good at drawings, illustrations, and graphic designs, you can also make money from them and help businesses get their projects done all at the same time.

If you have the skills you can monetize these skills to make money even without a capital, a website, or an email list to send your offer to.

Below are some of the most effective sites to make money by selling drawings, illustrations, and graphic designs.

7 Sites to sell your drawings, illustrations, and graphic designs to make money online.


1.DesignByHumans: If you are a creative illustrator, then DesignByHumans is a good place to make money from your creative designs.

Register a free account today and you can reach to over 15,000 customers that they already had to make money from your designs.

2. Creative Market:  Being one of the most popular sites to go for selling your creative designs online to make money is the Creative Market. You can from sell fonts to print adds or 3D Assets.

Join today and set your own ideal price for each design and make money.

3.Zazzle: Their goal is to unleash your creative mind and make money in the process. You can design anything you can imagine and they will help you market them to make money online.

Ready to unleash your creative mind? Join them and make money today.

4.Threadless: This is one of the best sites that does not just help you as an artist in the global community make money but also give the artist the chance to truly express themselves in the most creative way possible to encourage all the artist to stay unique with their creative designs.

If you are ready, join them and express your creative side and make money too.

5. RedBubble: Do you like art? Do you like to express “awesomeness” in every creative design that you do? If so, then RedBubble is for you to join and make money doing so.

Click here to register and create a free account to start earning money from your creative and awesome designs.

6. Art Web: This website will help you sell your digital arts in globally.  If you are looking to connect with another artist worldwide. Art Web is one of the best destinations to go to.

Sign up for a free account to connect with other artist and make money as well all while building yourself a strong connection.

7.Big Cartel: If you are looking for an easy site to sell your crafts online by creating your own store, Big Cartel is on that business. It is easy to create, customize, and design your own store to make it earn more money for you.

Register the account here to start your own customized store for your creative designs and make money from them.

Now let’s, answer some frequently asked questions about how to make money by becoming the best graphic designer.

Question: How do I become a successful graphic designer?

Answer:  As a graphic designer, to be successful you needed to improve every day by testing ideas and always coming up with creative designs that will help your clients or clients to-be be satisfied.

Here are 5 realistic tips that will help you become a successful graphic designer and make money all at the same time.

1. Sketch or Note Your Ideas: Always bring a sketchpad or sketchbook with you so that whenever an idea pops up, you can just sketch it than trying to remember them in your brain. Taking notes or sketching anything you find important right at the moment will help you develop even more. Check the benefits of taking notes here.

2. Teach Others:  According to the effort principle, the more you teach something you know, the more you can become an expert in it.

3. Do not limit yourself: While you should go after on creative designs that will convert well to your clients. It is always better to express yourself. Just like selling photos online to make money, the more exclusive your designs can be – that is, the more it is completely unique, naturally, it will earn you money and not just money but authority and reputation as well.

4. Fight creative block: Like most ways, there are to make money, even if you are the best graphic designer in the market, creative block exist as well. When this happens, do not limit yourself but rather have time to look at some inspirations to keep the ideas flowing.

5. Connect: If it is easy to get inspiration from the people in the market if you are directly connected with them. Therefore, it is good to network and connects with people whom you believe can inspire and help you do more and build a strong and successful career.


Question: Do graphic designers get paid well.

Answer: The short answer is yes. According to Rasmussen College, a graphic designer earns from around $47,000 to over $82,000 annually.

It’s a lot of money.

Here are 5 tips to make money as a graphic designer.

1. Improve your skills: It is always better to improve your skills. Your expertise will define your monthly or annual income in the long term. For example, mastering further the Adobe Creative Suite will surely help you make money long term.

2.Practice Visual Thinking: Learn how to convey your designs not just in images but also in words. Speak to clients the overall perspective of your designs, make them understand your designs in words, and at the same time, make your clients talk about the designs they want and visualize.

3. Learn to Specialize: Whether you are into User Interface Design, Website Design, Animation, and Motion Graphics Design, or information design, check yourself and see if which of them appeal to you most then focus on that. While it is to master all, it is better to focus on one specialization first and do more. Too often, less is always more. Doing less is actually doing more.

4. Seek Education: We cannot learn everything in one go, or in one sitting. Therefore, it is also good to seek training for graphic designers, and education that will help you grow as a graphic designer and make money in the process as well.

5. Build a strong portfolio: Just like high-quality and highly exclusive photography contributions to stock sites earn more commissions. To build a strong portfolio means to always deliver high-quality designs and outputs.


Question: How do graphic designers make money?

Answer: There are so many ways for graphic designers to make money, however, for this post, I will share one of the best ways to earn money designing graphics online.

If you check Kimikinsey’s site, you can see that she makes money as a graphic designer by teaching others of what she knows well. Like this, you can also help people by teaching them your specialty and make money helping others.


7. Make Money Selling Handmade.

Next, let’s talk about how to make money by selling handmade.  If you are good at producing handmade like crochet for example, did you know you can also can make money from them?

Below are 8 sites you can use to sell your handmade and make money.

1.Amazon Handmade: Although this platform is not free, the best thing about this service of Amazon is that it can handle your customers well by ensuring that they are buying with confidence.

You can join them here and start reaching millions of handcrafted product buyers.

2. Etsy: If you have the ability to do amazing handicrafts – crochet, earrings, etc., you can post them on Etsy for sale. If your craft is unique enough, you’ll get a special feature from them.

Start selling by opening a store with Etsy to make money. Millions of buyers are waiting.

3. Bonanza: If you are looking for a platform that charges you less in selling your crafts or handmade to make money. Bonanza is your platform.

Register an account today and freely import your existing listings on other platforms.

4.eBay:  This is one of those sites that won the trust of the customers online.  Starting to sell on eBay is really promising as they have over 160 million shoppers.

Sell your handmade on eBay and show to their 160 Million Shoppers your crafts.

5.Artfire: This platform offers an affordable listing rate for everyone.  Unlike another platform, you have more listings with fewer fees which translates to having more profit, or a good opportunity to make money from your handcrafts.

Ready to list your handmade? Register an account today to start making money.

6/iCrafts: Another destination to sell your handmade goods. If you are tired of competing for sales within your existing platform, or if you are just tired of saturated platforms. iCrafts is for you.

Here they explained well simply why you must sell your handmade goods with icraft.

Start selling with icraft today and start getting sales from their top-notch support team.

7. Bigcartel: They will help you start your creative business. Join them today.

8. IndieMade: Helping you make money through their unique system of making customers engage.  Click here to join and make money today.

As you can see so far, there are indeed so many ways to make money online using what we already had.

It is good to remind you once again that while all these works well to make money. Please understand that it is better to focus on one proven-way to make money so you can have the right amount of energy to produce value to your clients or customers.


8. Become a Virtual Assistant to make money.

As time passes by, more and more e-marketing firms are established and as much as this industry is constantly evolving and growing. The need for virtual assistants for aspiring individuals who are looking to do business online proportionally soared high too.

If your goal is to make money while working at home, then becoming a virtual assistant is surely one of the best ways to achieve the goal.

Many people are making enough money by working at home as a virtual assistant.

If you check this interview here, you can see that this person named Kyla, makes around $10,000 each month working at home as a virtual assistant.

Of course, the story of Kyla is just one of many success stories.

If you check and apply for the following sites below, chances are high that you could be making enough for yourself too.

Here are 7 sites to apply as a virtual assistant to make money from home.

1. Upwork: Being one of the most popular freelance job sites in the market, Upwork offers a lot of freelancing jobs for aspiring virtual assistants. When you register yourself for an account, you’ll see that there are so many job opportunities you can do and make money in the comfort of your home.

In fact, over 60,000 jobs are being posted every week according to their site data.

Click here to register an account with Upwork.


2.Freelancer: They offer thousands of virtual assistant jobs you can do from home to make money. By bidding process, the best proposal will usually get the project done. Therefore, be sure to have your profile complete and have your offer polished.

Join freelancer today and start bidding as VA to make money from home.

3.Peopleperhour: With this freelancing site, you can set your own hourly rate, then clients will reach out to you. Here’s how PeoplePerHour works, and here’s why you should choose them as to-go site for your virtual assistant journey.

Register an account today and get to start establishing your Virtual Assistant profile to start working from home.

4.Guru: A lot of freelancing jobs for virtual assistants are readily available in Guru.  It is so easy to get started with them. Here’s how it works and here’s a list of jobs you can start working.

If you ready to join them, register an account today and get hired to make money.

5.Amazon Mechanical Turk:  On this site the most popular job for virtual assistants is modifying contents, translating, and a lot more of maintaining certain tasks in running pages or campaigns to make a project turn out to be profitable.

Here’s an overview of Amazon Mechanical Turk. Ready to get started? Request an account today.

6. VANetworking: What I like with this freelancing site is they will help you match with clients whom they believe will be a good fit for your set of professional skills or abilities as a Virtual Assistant. Like this, making money with VANetworking was made even easier.

Here are the things you need to know if you want to become and Virtual Assistant to make money.

Ready to work as a Virtual Assistant or start your own Virtual Assistant Business? Register an account today!

7. Fiverr: Are you looking to do some small tasks or gigs in your spare time or become a virtual assistant for just a certain period of time? If so, Fiverr is for you.

They offer thousands of Virtual Assistant Jobs ranging from Programming to Marketing and just about anything in between to help its users make money doing gigs.

Register an account with Fiverr today and start working as a virtual assistant having control over your time by deciding when to accept “gigs” to make money.

There are many freelancing sites you can also visit if these lists do not satisfy you. If you want and if it fits well with you, you can check, Craigslist,   WeWorkRemotely, AssistantMatch, and many other reputable freelancing sites in the market today.


9. Rent out your space or property to make money

Another way to make money from the comfort of your home is to rent out your space. Unlike the traditional way of promoting your spaces for rent, today you can just post them online to attract customers who are looking to rent your space for their convenience either for travel, business or just about anything else within their personal lives.

More and more people are making money doing this part-time and even some make more money by treating this method as a solid business.

If you have spare rooms or if you have vacant space you would want to offer for rent either for short term or long term use. The following sites are the best places to post to make money.

5 sites that will help you promote post your space or property for rent to make money

…while at the comfort of your home.

1. Airbnb: This is one of the most popular websites when it comes to finding spaces for rent. If you are looking to rent out your spare room or any of your property to make money, Airbnb will help you connect to travelers who are looking to pay for complete accommodations. Furthermore, Airbnb will be giving you all the complete control on all your bookings, guest interactions, and house rules you would want to implement.

Example of making a stable income with Airbnb here.

Start your journey today by registering an account, and make money at the comfort of your home by renting out your space.

2. Gamping: This service and platform are for those people who own land that goes unused for a time. If you want to use it to make money, offer it for rent for those who are looking to rent for a vacant land either for camping or just about any activity they wanted to.

Register an account here today and start making money from your vacant land to supplement your income.

3.VRBO: If you own several properties that are not currently in use or you rarely use, you can make money from them by posting them on VRBO. When you sign your property with them, they will help you process all the payment processing concerns securely.

Sign your property today and start making money.

4. Neighbor: Do you have some space in your home that you do not use? Then did you know that you can make money it by listing them on Neighbor? Yes, many neighbor users are making money by just listing their spare space.

If you are worried about your safety and security, worry no more because Neighbor offers a $2 Million host guarantee which protects you and your property.

Great isn’t it? List your space today and make money from home.

5. CurbFlip: If you want to rent your property such as an empty lot, parking space, or just any space or property that you do not use at the moment, you can make money from them by renting them out. You have the option to rent them out daily, weekly or even monthly, it is all to you.

Register an account today and start making money from your property.


10. Teach online to make money from home.

Another way to make money online or to make money from home is to teach something you know.

More and more people are sharing their skills online and make money doing it as well.

Below are the sites that will help you make money teaching from home. One of the best reasons why you must use these sites below is they will take care of all the financial concerns there are and all other systems so you can focus on teaching.

4 Sites you can use to teach online to make money.

1.Udemy:  It is one of the largest online learning platforms through which professionals could make money by teaching others with their skills. With over 24 Million students, around 50,000 instructors, and 245-course enrollments, you can tell that there are so many opportunities to make money with uDemy.

Join uDemy and become an instructor today!

2. Skillshare: Basically, this platform was created for those people who are looking to learn non-accredited courses by means of a subscription. Therefore, if you are an expert on something and you are comfortable to be in the video to teach something, it is good to join Skillshare and make money teaching.

Skillshare top teachers make around $100,000+ a year. Join today and become a teacher.

3. Teachable: If you want to create your own course and sell them, you can do it more here. Teachable creates an online learning classroom that is good for both the course creator and the students.

If you are ready to create a beautiful course today and sell them to make money selling courses. Join Teachable!

4.VIPKid: If you’re passionate about teaching the English language to children from China online, VIPkid is your best site to have fun with children learning the  English language while making money. One of the best features of this site is you can decide your own schedule while at the comfort of your own home.

Become a VIPKID Teacher today and make money sharing great moments with kids.

Of course, there are many other sites through which you can teach from home and make money in the process. However, the sites above are just some of the best sites to get started. In fact, more and more people are making money from them.


11. Buy and sell websites that make money.

Now, let’s take some time to talk about making money by buying and selling sites. This method requires capital as you have to buy an existing website that is currently making money each month either for re-selling or for holding.

If you want to make money with flipping sites, re-selling them or holding them is always better.

As for when to re-sell and when to hold, it is entirely up to you. If you want to recover your investment then re-selling them for a higher price is good, but if you want to grow them more before re-selling, then holding them is good as well. Either way, this method is proven to make you money.

Below are the sites you can visit to buy and sell websites to make money.

1.Flippa: One of the largest and the most popular platform and community for buying and selling online businesses in the market today.

They offer reasonable pricing, and before a site gets listed on their platform, they have a thorough business validation process that verifies each and every claim.

Starting selling and buying sites with flippa today to make money.

2. FE International: One of the most professional website brokers in the market today is FE International, I personally like how they screen the websites listed on their platform.

The way they present online business for sale as well will give you a simple and clear look on the property for sale, which allows you to decide smartly to make money.

Join them today to either sell or buy a site to make money.

3.Empire Flippers: If you want to buy an online business that is already making real profit, this is your platform. They will help you in the entire process so you can be sure that your investment of buying the website to make money will be a great experience.

Join Empire Flippers today and make a real profit.

Other sites you can check as well are Website Broker, and  We Sell Your Site.

If you have the budget and the capital to start. Buying and selling websites to make money will be a good investment. Just always properly coordinate with your broker to secure your every financial movement while acquiring an online business.


12. Start a YouTube channel to make money.

By this time, I am sure that you already know that by starting a YouTube Channel you can make money.

Of course, if you have the right amount of views and subscribers by frequently uploading content that will appeal to people, you are going make a lot of money.

If you want to know how much you can make with Youtube according to video views. Check this video here, she explains it really well.

13. Try Peer to peer lending to make money

If you want to help some people or some businesses raise capital and make money at the same time, you can try peer to peer lending to make money. Several platforms or websites are giving their best to help both the borrower and the investor.

Below are some of the great sites you can use to lend money and make money.

1.Lending Club: It’s the first peer-to-peer company that registers their offerings to SEC. They also offer a secure platform for both the lender and the borrower.

2.Prosper: This is the best place to help those who are looking to address their financial concerns.

3.Upstart:  If you want to support education and employment and make money at the same time join Upstart.


14. Get cashback to make money.

If you want some money return to you from the purchases you’ve made, you can do so by getting cashback rewards. The following sites are really good at it.

Ibotta: By using in-app offers, you can get a cash-back reward.

Rakuten: If you want to shop and earn at the same time.

Apart from them, there are still many sites to choose from, however, they pretty much had all already. Buying from their affiliate links will earn you cash-back.


15. Make money with apps.

In my previous post, I’ve listed 28 websites to make money, you can check them and try them one by one. However, below are some good additional sites you can try to make money with apps.

Google Opinion Rewards: They will give you a survey and will give you rewards. Indeed, your opinion is valuable.

What’s Around:  Take a picture of those around you and upload them. The more you upload and the more you get interactions from users, you’ll earn more rewards and they can be converted into cash.


16. Write and sell e-books to make money

Many people are making over $10,000 amount writing and selling ebooks. However, they are not overnight success, just like any other business and method, you need to have the right amount of effort to make money.

Amazon KDP: Allows you to self-publish your ebooks and set your own price while being the best platform by securing all the payments and reporting necessary to make money from selling ebooks.

There are also many sites to choose from, however, Amazon KDP is surely the best in the market.


17. Make Money With Facebook Ads.

You can make money with Facebook Ads either by promoting a product or by applying your page with ad breaks to make money.

Either way, you have to start by creating a Facebook page.

7 tips on how to start a successful Facebook page to make money.

1. Always fill out your business information perfectly. The more you get this clear, the most your audience will trust and like whatever business you are in.

2. Upload a professional or relatable profile photo and cover photo. If you want to be remembered by your audience. Branding is very important and it begins with a good profile photo and cover photo.

3. Customize your page. Being unique as much as possible is always admirable in any platform. Therefore, customizing your page is a good investment.

4. Post regularly. If you want to grow your audience quickly. It is good to post regularly.

5. Engage with your audience. The more you engage your audience, the more you page becomes active. When it is more active the more you get to reach more Facebook users.

6. Provide Value to your followers. To attract fans naturally. Value is important.

7. Stay Legal and authentic. This means do not use copyrighted music, or re-upload videos you don’t own. Stay original

Start a successful Facebook Page now.

If you want to make money with Facebook Ad breaks. Check the basic requirements here to apply your page for Ad Breaks.


We’ve covered 17 real ways on how to make money, and this is the last part.

Let’s summarize what we’ve discussed on this post.

These are the 17 real ideas on how to make money in 2020.

1. Start a blog.

2. Start Making Money with Affiliate Marketing.

3. Make Money Drop-shipping.

4. Make Money by connecting companies or people.

5. Make Money Selling Items

6. Make Money Selling Your Photos.

7. Make Money Selling Handmade.

8. Become a Virtual Assistant to make money

9. Rent out your space or property to make money

10. Teach online to make money from home.

11. Buy and sell websites that make money.

12. Start a YouTube channel to make money.

13. Try Peer to peer lending to make money

14. Get cashback to make money.

15. Make money with apps.

16. Write and sell e-books to make money

17. Make Money With Facebook Ads.

Remember, if you put any of these methods into action, though there are hardships, it will surely change your financial concerns for the better.

Now, do you have any more tips and suggestions on ideas on how to make money?

Let us share in the comment box below.


How to Make Money Online On Pinterest

Hello, today, we are going to talk about “How to make money online on Pinterest.”  In this post, we will start with the most basic methods and end to the most advanced methods to make money online on Pinterest.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, it doesn’t matter, as this guide is geared for all, but before anything, let’s talk about what you will learn from this post.


What you will learn in this post? 

By the end of this post, you will learn a step by step guide on how to make money online on Pinterest and learn the following in complete detail.

  • How to make money on Pinterest without a blog
  • How to make money with Pinterest using your blog.
  • How to make $100 to $300 per day pinning on Pinterest.
  • How to set up your blog Pinterest Account to make money.
  • Tools to use to make money on Pinterest fast.
  • How to apply everything you’ve learned today to make money fast. 

Now, I understand that setting up and executing all I have written here can be overwhelming, so if you want, you can hire me to do the work for you. Just contact me here. 

If you are ready to build and grow your income online. Follow this detailed strategy to get ahead.

Did you know? many people are making $10,000 each month with Pinterest? Yes, there are already a lot. Check this out! 

Now, to be successful making money on Pinterest. We need to prepare some tools to get started.

Tools and account you need to prepare to be successful with Pinterest. 

a woman talks about business


Here are some of the basic tools we need.

  1. A PayPal account. We need a PayPal account to get paid. Most businesses online will pay using PayPal as it is one of the most secure payment solutions on the internet today.
  2. A Pinterest account. Of course, we need it to do business on Pinterest.
  3. Affiliate Offer. To make money with or without a blog.
  4. A Hosting Account. If you choose to do with a blog. I recommend Bluehost, they are the best in the industry.
  5. A tailwind account. A marketing tool to automate the process. Making it easy to do business on Pinterest.

Without further ado, let’s discuss each part in detail.


6 Basic Steps on How to Make Money Online On Pinterest 

While I am confident that these methods will help you build and grow your income online, it is still up to your level of commitment, effort, self-discipline and time management.

Just put these steps into practice and you’ll be fine.

These steps will only take you 10 minutes to apply. Quick right? 

Let’s begin with step 1.

Step 1: Set up your Pinterest account for success.

To be successful making money on Pinterest, setting up and starting right is the best thing we must go first. Here’s how to set up your Pinterest account for success.

Registering an account. 

  • Register a Pinterest account.
  • Choose language and country.
  • Add your business name. To help people find you on Pinterest.
  • Tell Pinterest about your business. ( Just tick the one that you think applies to you.)
  • If you have a website. Link your website. If you don’t have a website, it’s okay to leave it empty. Just click “Later”
  • Connect your other social media accounts to Pinterest. You can also choose to do these later. If so, just click “Later”
  • If you are asked if you are interested in running ads, choose the one that applies to you. Don’t worry, you have control of this one. Just click “I’m not sure yet” If you can’t decide now.
  • Choose a topic that best describes your business. Choose at least 1 but choosing 5 will do good.
  • Last but not list. Get the Pinterest Browser Button to make it easy for you pin on Pinterest. You also skip if you think you don’t need this now.

Setting your account. 

Pinterest is very good at visual marketing. Therefore, uploading high-quality images and videos will surely help you build yourself an audience that will convert into loyal clients, customers, or visitors to your blog or website.

The recommended size for Pinterest images is 600 x 900 px.


Step 2: Create Pins.

Creating “Pin” means uploading images. When uploading images be sure to optimize your title and description with your target audience.

What is your target audience? For example, if you want to target people interested in Fishing. Then make a pin title like this.

Title: 36 tips to be good at fishing.

Description:  If you are looking for the best tips to become good at fishing as fast as possible and enjoy your next trip. We have 36 tips for you.

What did you notice? You may have noticed that I have included my target audience in both the Title and Description. It’s “tips to be good at fishing”

Surely, people who are into fishing will get on that.

Do this for all your pins. For every pin that you will create. The last thing you know, you have already build your audience.


Step 3: Create Boards

So what are Pinterest boards? Basically, it is like a container to organize all your pins.

For example, if you have pins that talk about fishing,  then you will make a board that contains all your pins about fishing and so on.

How to properly set up your board? Actually, to be successful in making money with Pinterest, setting your board is important. Below are important tips.

  • Be sure to name your board accordingly. If it is about fishing, name it Fishing or something about fishing.
  • Do not tick the “Keep this board secret” or no one will find it.
  • After you name your board according to your target audience or target keywords, Pinterest will show you related pins, to get started,  be sure to save them on your boards.


Step 4: Save other pins and follow other boards. 

By saving other pins and following other boards, you also build your profile. You simply input your keywords into the Pinterest search bar and you’ll find a lot of pins to save.


Step 5:  Follow people around your target audience or keyword.

At the end of the day, Pinterest is also a social networking site. The more you connect to people who have the same interest as you, the greater the chance to be successful.


Step 6: Create Pin, Repin, Follow Every day.

Consistency is the key, if you create a pin, repin, and follow people every day, there is no reason why you can’t succeed with making money online on Pinterest.  This is just how it works. 

To automate the process, TailWind will help you do the work.

If you have not registered a TailWind account, it’s time to get one.

Let’s summarize the 6 basic steps to make money with Pinterest.

  1. Set up your Pinterest account for success.
  2. Create Pins.
  3. Create Boards
  4. Save other pins and follow other boards.
  5. Follow people around your target audience or keyword.
  6. Create Pin, Repin, Follow Every day.


Now, these 6 steps are just basic to be set up our Pinterest account properly…

Given you’ve set up your Pinterest account properly. Let’s proceed with the actual work.

The reason we must set up properly to do the actual work properly as well. Let’s proceed.


The actual work. 

Let’s proceed with the actual steps to make money online with Pinterest. If until here you have not set up your  Pinterest account according to basic steps from 1 to 6. I recommend going back. It will help you before proceeding.

Let’s begin with how to make money on Pinterest without a blog.


6 Steps How to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

While it is good to have a blog to make money with Pinterest, it is also completely possible to make money without a blog. Follow the step by step guide below and you’ll be good.

Again, only follow these steps given you’ve set up your Pinterest account properly as we have discussed above.

Step 1. Help your target audience


In my given example above, I talk about fishing, so let’s say, we wanted to target fishing. Basically we will find people who are interested in fishing and find products that will help them in their fishing hobby. This is what we are going to do.

Find Products or affiliate offers that will appeal to your target audience. 

Since we are targetting people who are interested in fishing,  they will most likely purchase tools to go fishing.

So how do we go about that? Find an affiliate offer.

What is an affiliate offer? It is a product that you don’t own but if you make a sale, the product owner will willingly pay you.

In this example, we will find an offer in Amazon.

  1. Go to amazon. ( Or an affiliate site you can find.)
  2. Search for a product that relates and help your target audience.

If you have done these two, let’s proceed with step 2.

Step 2. Create a Pin

Creating a pin means creating a high-quality image that relates to the product you wanted your audience to check and buy.

Here’s an example. 

With these, you don’t have to own a single site or blog. After uploading your pin, all you have to do is directly place your affiliate link to the destination link as shown below.

Step 3: Create aboard.

Already we have discussed that the Pinterest board is like a container that gathers all the same pins.

Why it is important to create a board? We create a lot of variations of our offer. To drive more people to the product.

Step 4: Create a lot of pins.

Creating a lot of pins for the same product will get you high exposure to your target audience and will eventually lead your target audience to buy the product.

Step 5: Repin every 10 minutes.

To have more people in your pin and click the offer. We need to repin it many times, repinning it every 10 minutes is a really good marketing strategy.

However, it is impossible to repin every 10minutes manually. So you need tailwind to do that. You can register a free trial account here. 

Step 6: Save other pins to your boards.

Saving other pins to your boards will get you more followers and exposures.

Now, I know that it can be overwhelming, so if you want me to do the work for you, just contact me for an agreed price. 

Let’s summarize the 6 easy steps to make money on Pinterest without a blog. 

Step 1. Help your target audience
Step 2. Create a Pin
Step 3. Create aboard.
Step 4. Create a lot of pins.
Step 5. Repin every 10 minutes
Step 6. Save other pins to your boards.

Now, what if you have a blog? Of course, we will also talk about it. Let’s talk about how to make on Pinterest with a blog.


5 easy steps on how to make money on Pinterest with a blog


If you have an existing blog, and you want to make money on Pinterest. the best way to go about it is to drive people to your blog or to drive traffic to your blog.

Yes, a blog without traffic is a dead blog,  thankfully, Pinterest is the best source of traffic.

So how do we go about that? We will take about it in X easy steps.

Step 1. Define what your site is all about. 

Is your blog about pets? About fishing? or about pottery? You need to define your niche or the topic of your blog.

Why do you need to be clear of the topic of your blog? So you can create a Pinterest account around it, and build a targetted audience around it.

It’s common knowledge that you can’t be successful without a single focus. It is also true in running a blog.  Find your focus then proceed with step 2.

Step 2. Create a lot of Pins.

Now that you have clarified your blog focus, create a lot of pins. In a single post of your blog, you can create a lot of pin variations with great headlines and colors.

Here’s an example. 

start blogging screenshot


Step 3. Repin a lot.

Repinning a lot is the secret sauce of making money with Pinterest. In fact, repinning every 10 minutes will get a lot of blog traffic, but it’s impossible to do it manually, so an automation tool to help you do the work is really important.

You can use TailWind, and you sign up a free trial to get started today. 

With tailWind, you can automate all the processes and focus on creating great content.

Given you’ve successfully done all this, and you’ve driven so much traffic to your site. What shall we do next? Of course, it is time to monetize our traffic which leads to step 4.

Step 4. Monetize your traffic.

Now that you have traffic to your blog, how to make money from it? the answer is to apply monetization.

You can monetize your blog in different ways, but the best way to do it is to apply for Google Adsense.

Step 5. Keep on pinning, keep on repinning.

As we have already discussed, consistency is the key. So be consistent on your pinning and repinning. It will pay off well in the end.

With these 4 steps, you are ready to make money online on Pinterest with your blog.

5 easy steps on how to make money on Pinterest with a blog 

Step 1. Define what your site is all about.
Step 2. Create a lot of Pins.
Step 3. Repin a lot.
Step 4. Monetize your traffic.
Step 5. Keep on pinning, keep on repinning.

By just doing this alone, Erika of Statamommyblog made $13,346.50 in 1 just one month. 

a screenshot of income
Courtesy of

That’s $400+ each day for pinning. This is how you make $100 to even $400 per day pinning on Pinterest.  And surely the fastest way to make money online on Pinterest.

Now, this can surely be overwhelming. If you want, you can hire me to all the set up for you to get started fast.. Just contact me. 



Finally, we’ve come to the last part of this article.  At this point, let’s talk about how to apply everything that we have discussed today to make money online on Pinterest or just to make money on Pinterest fast.

To sum up it is: Just get started.

To give you a road map. This is what I can recommend.

Start a blog to monetize or find a profitable affiliate offer.

  1. Drive traffic using Pinterest, either to your blog or to an affiliate offer.
  2. Optimized Pinterest for traffic.
  3.  Rinse and repeat.

Actually, this can be overwhelming yes, but just get started slowly today. And you’ll be just fine along the way.

If you have any questions, please do let me know in the comment box below. I’ll try to answer them as fast as I can and as detailed as I can.

And if you have any suggestions as well, let me know below as well, I don’t know everything surely, I am sure something that I know works, and there are pretty much other things that I may not know as well.

So let’s connect, shall we?

And one last note, if you want me to do the work for you. Just contact me, and you can hire me.

Thank you and have a great time building and growing your income online!

How to Make Money Blogging

a guy using his laptop

Hello! Welcome to How to Make Money Blogging Part 1. Today, we will be talking a lot of introduction and mind-setting for you to understand blogging as the most profitable business online.

What you will learn from this post? 

By the end of this article, you will know why it is worth your time and effort to start a blogging business in the comfort of your home.

You will learn some of the most basic mind-setting to start a blog the makes money from scratch.

Overview: What we will talk about. 

We will talk about the following:

  • The best reasons why starting a blogging business is good and worth the investment of your time.
  • Understand the power and income potential of the blogging business.
  •  Some basic understanding of how valuable blogging business as a way to make money online.

Without further ado, let’s begin.


9 Reasons Why Starting and Growing a Blogging Business Is a great idea.

how start blogging feature image

First, it is important to remind you that starting, and growing your own blogging business takes a lot of time, effort, and sacrifices on your end. I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Nothing great comes easy right? I am telling you this upfront so that whenever the going gets tough, you’ll end up saying “Anyway it will be worth it”.

I mean to say that, since blogging is not easy, it is not for everyone. It is only for those who are willing to do the actual grunt and actual sacrifices to reap a great harvest in the end.

So making sure that you are 200% ready to start and grow your blogging business, let’s discuss the best reasons here today.


1. With blogging, you can work wherever and whenever you want. 

Many of us are stuck in the 9-5 routine, and though it is not necessarily bad, sometimes, we just don’t feel like coming to work but we have to.

However, it is completely different from a blogging business. The reason I myself is running and starting a blog is for this reason as well. This the best about running a blogging business.

What happens when you have grown and run a successful blog? That dream-like lifestyle can literally happen. You can literally:

  • Work from home
  • Work in a coffee shop or co-working space.
  • Work anywhere, anytime.

All while either traveling or running some activities that matter to you the most to live more in this life.

It’s more like fantasy, however, it is true because with blogging business you will only be needing an internet connection which is anywhere nowadays and a laptop which almost everyone owns at least 1.

There are already many people who are making good income blogging all while traveling the world – exploring or doing the things that matter to them – while maintaining the business to earn money online.

Here is some example of certain people who make money online by blogging all while traveling the world or doing the things they like to do.

NOMADasaurus: This couple earns up to $6,000 each month all while traveling. They explained to Business Insider how they make money.

Like this, you don’t have to worry about piling up your vacation days to get that trip of your life.

However, as for me, while it is good to travel the world and do the things you like to do in your life, what is really great about blogging is you can choose your own time and schedules without having to worry about any consequences.

In the simplest form, this means that with blogging business you can:

  • Set your own hours
  • Work in your PJs
  • You can be yourself in the process.

This is the first reason, let’s discuss the second reason.


2. It is completely passive 

Passive means, you only do it once and it will continue to earn you money over and over again, month after month, long-term.

This is everybody’s dream.

Starting a blogging business is completely passive because you don’t have to trade your precious time for dollars. Meaning it can make you money passively all at the comfort of your home or just anywhere you want to be.

What makes blogging business different from all other businesses? Unlike starting an offline business, a blogging business is done online, therefore, it runs 24/7 without your presence, as long as it is crafted perfectly, it runs by itself, function by itself, and make money for you without you being there all the time.

As long as everything is set up in order and properly, with blogging business, your only concern will be about how to grow your blog further rather than working to maintain it further to make money.

You won’t be dealing with irate clients or answering each and every concern of your boss.

How amazing right? This is why many are looking to make money online blogging. 

Another important factor to make your blog passive and successful is a strong content strategy called SEO. Through this, Google will be sending you a lot of people to your site. A lot of it. Massive traffic.

Like this, it is easy to understand that to grow a high-income blog passively, we need to start right with our blog, and especially with SEO to drive a lot of traffic freely.

At this point, let’s proceed with the number three reason why blogging business is a great business.


3. It’s highly-scalable that the more you work on it, the more it makes more money long-term. 

Apart from blogging is completely passive. It is really easy to make money with blogging without having to work for long hours just like the traditional way of earning money.

For example, if your SEO or strategy has been done right to your blogs, updating, and adding more content to your blog will only result in an increase in your traffic or website visitor more higher than the previous result.

However, though, you must learn to discipline yourself, because, since blogging is completely passive, it easy to get idle and slack often.

It easy to get lazy because starting a blog makes you money without having to constantly work for it or maintain it.  Note that if you choose to just pause, work with something that makes you happy and fulfilling instead.

For example, Nomadic Matt earns $50,000 a month all while traveling the world and help others as well.

Like this, blogging business is a business you can scale up and finally be helping others as well.

This the third-best reason, now, we will proceed with the fourth reason.


4.  It helps you become resilient or more in the process.

When it comes to making money online, blogging really tests your level of creativity, patience, and endurance as time passes. For this, you will need to have a mindset of being resilient to learn new things and to try new and many things to be successful.

With blogging, you needed to have the ability to stay organize and productive without losing your motivation.

Just like any other business, there are going to be many hardships in the process, and staying creative, organize, and productive could really help a lot to overcome them.

Remember that, at the end of the day, it is never about the process or how perfect the journey has been, rather, it will always be about how it made you a better version of yourself, and what you have become after.

For example, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, he started by selling books online, he never delayed shipping even a single book. Can you see how big Amazon now?

His attitude of taking things seriously piece by piece allowed him to keep going and reach the point of where he is now. Jeff Bezos is not the richest man for no reason. 

He was just selling books, but now he’s taking over the world with more than just books. It goes the same with a blogging business.

It’s hard to grow a profitable blog, yes, but when you get to use to it, creating a profitable blog is such a great challenge you’ll enjoy, so you naturally create more and more blogs.

Now, let’s talk about the fifth reason why it is best to grow a profitable blog as a business.


5.  You were going to develop a valuable skill-set, a high-income skill you can be proud of. 

Back in 2009, while still in college, I was surprised to know that when I applied as an Internet Marketing Consultant to a well-known digital marketing firm in Canada and the US, I was competing with people who are actually professionally inclined and got a formal education.

What’s even more surprising? I got the job instead of them. Who would have thought that a mere college student would win the bid?

Why I got the job? I ask myself later, then I realize that the company is looking for somebody who has the skills that drive results and not just mere knowledge.

In the same way, while many are teaching how to start a blog, not many actually know how to do start a blogging business. A blog that earns actual money for you passively.

Establishing and growing a blogging business, in the process will extremely help you develop an extremely high-income skill, that many would find it extremely valuable to the point that they will be willing to pay any amount to learn from you.

For example, in Teachable, there many course creators who are making money selling courses. Basically, all the courses here are from creators’ high-income skills, by teaching their high-income skills they make money.  It is the same with a blogging business.

Let’s move to reason number six to learn more about self-improvement and development.


6. It will improve your level of critical thinking and time management. 

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to make money online,  and it is completely different from the traditional path we are accustomed to.

It’s a business that gives you a lot of confidence since it is a business that not everyone is doing or can do properly given it takes a lot of sacrifices and learning curves.

Running an online business naturally improves your critical thinking and time management because you yourself are responsible for the growth and success of your business.

And finally, since you know and is doing something that not everyone is doing and know, you’ll have a pure joy of explaining it to others, another level of confidence.

Now, let’s think about a meaningful connection to other online business owners in number 7.


7. You can have great and amazing connections to people who are doing it successfully. 

It’s no secret that you are most likely to evolve to someone according to your environment and according to the people you are being surrounded with.

With blogging business, naturally, you can get acquainted with people who are already doing it very well.

Apart from that, you can get to learn from them a lot of things and finally be in your best self when it comes to running your own blogging business.

In the of the day, it’s who you know not what you know. 

Now, let’s proceed with the number 8 reason why growing a blogging business is really worth your time and effort.


8. It’s completely sustainable and long-term.

When Bezos, the founder of Amazon had a meeting with his employees, he said ” One day, Amazon will fail, but our job is to delay it as long as possible” While he said this to encourage his employees to stay hungry and focus, it is true in all levels.

All businesses will soon fail if we continually neglect some things little by little, however, with blogging business, you can feel safe with it, because as long as you’ve done the right set up, and as long as the internet is present, your business will be working for you 24/7.

Therefore, a strong SEO and the right set up with your blogging business is needed so that regardless of Google’s Algorithm update, the business will even more thrive.

What do  I mean about this? Create a high-quality blog, and by quality blog, I mean create a blog that helps a lot of people.

Another reason for number 9 is probably the best reason of all.  Let’s talk about it now.


9. It pays a lot at the end of the day. 

For most of us, we’d rather be tired than broke. In fact,  I know a lot of friends and acquaintances who work 12 hours a day just to keep the ball rolling.

Of course, they are willing to work long hours because they are looking to get paid more, this is okay, but it’s impossible to do it for years. As I was saying, it is impossible to trade our time for dollars all our lives. Life is too short.

With blogging business, however, although it was not easy in the beginning, once it has been set up properly, it will earn you huge payday passively long-term. This is why I love blogging business.

Apart from that, you can also sell your blog a lot more than its current monthly income.

For example, there are many sites in Flippa that are making $1000 each month and they sell it at $30,000 each month.

How is this possible? The blog is proven to be profitable long-term.

Here’s another example.  This website here is making around $5,000 each month. However, it is currently for sale at $50,000

a screenshot of site being sold

a website screenshot worth


Is there someone who will buy it? A lot in fact. Check this out.

comparing prices
If you compare the Monthly Net Profit of the blog to the price it was sold for, you can tell that it’s a lot of profit.


Can you see the income potential with blogging business? I am sure you can.

By this time, with these 9 reasons alone, you can tell that is completely worth the hustle to start your own blogging business.

In fact, there are a lot of benefits in starting your own blogging business, however, for now, let’s end this here.


Let’s summarize the reason why you must start a blog as your business.

a pinterest post

1. With blogging, you can work wherever and whenever you want. You are your own boss.
2. It is completely passive. You can have more time to do more with your life.
3. It’s highly-scalable that the more you work on it, the more it makes more money long-term. You have total control.
4.  It helps you become resilient or more in the process. Changes you for the better.
5.  You were going to develop a valuable skill-set, a high-income skill you can be proud of. It makes you a real entrepreneur.
6. It will improve your level of critical thinking and time management. Improves your personal quality.
7. You can have great and amazing connections to people who are doing it successfully. You grow with like-minded people.
8. It’s completely sustainable and long-term. You feel safe with your financial future.
9. It pays a lot at the end of the day. No more financial concerns.


What to do next? 

If you are ready to start your own blogging business. Check my step-by-step guide on how to start your own blogging business. 

If you have any questions, please do drop them below in the comment section, and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Thank you, may enjoy success from here and have a great time!

How to Start Making Money Online ( With No Money)

people are happy on business

Today, we are going to talk about “how to start making money online“. There are many other blog posts out there that talk about ways to make money online, however today, we going to be more specific about it – How to actually start making money online?

When you do a simple Google search, you will find numerous sites that talk about how to make money online which tells me that many of us are seriously looking to earn a living online, however, chances are, you are not sure how to get started. We will address that here today.


What you will learn from this post?

The core principle of why I created IncomeURL is to basically make people like you learn how to generate income and build a business online. To be true to that, I make it a goal to layout firsthand on every post the things you will learn.

For this post, you will learn 6 ways to start making money online. Now, without further ado, let’s start and learn together on how to generate income.

Why do you want to make money online?

Answering this question yourself will really help you have clear goals and focus. Are you looking to replace or supplement your income? Do you want to earn extra money?

Your answer to these questions will surely be directly proportional to your level of commitment.

There are going to be different answers surely for all of us, however, whatever your reason will be, I am sure that all will end up in addressing a financial concern.


Think of skills you can use to make money online.

Just as we were asked for skills when we apply for a job in a company. To make money online, we need some skills as well.

Are you good at video editing? Copywriting? Organizing? Thinking about these as well will allow absolute focus on your part.

Do you think you don’t have the skills? Don’t worry, we all have one, you’ll just have to figure it out.

Whatever your reason could be, if you follow these steps below, you’ll surely be starting to make money online as soon as you act on it.


6 Ways to Start Making Money Online (With no money)

1. Get an online job.

If you want to start making money online without paying for anything, then applying for a job online is the best way to do that.

Personally, I made my first money online in 2009 from working an online job as an Internet Marketing Consultant.

What if you are currently working? One of the best reasons for working an online job to make money online is that it is completely virtual, therefore, you can set your own schedules. Whether you are working or not, an online job is a great side-hustle to boot.

What are the examples of online jobs? There are many online jobs available, however, it is based on your skill-set.

What are some of the legit sites I can get an online job? There are many sites you apply, I will list below some of the best sites to start getting an online job.


2. Do some profitable side-hustle

If you have an existing full-time job and want to make money online, doing a side-hustle job online can also be profitable.

When I was just starting, I work as a consultant and at the same time do some side-hustle by doing affiliate marketing – that is selling other people’s products online.

What some of the most profitable side-hustle ideas? There are many side hustle ideas that you can profit, however, we’re talking about how to make money online without money, so I will list ideas that require no money upfront.

3. Freelance your High-income skill

By definition, high-income skill is basically a skill through which you can make a lot of money online ( All while not paying for anything)

What are some examples of high-income skills? I have listed them below to give you an idea and its basic function.


Copywriting: Marketing a product or business in the form of writing. This is good for those who are extremely talented at selling anything.

Sites to offer your copywriting skills. These are the best sites to offer your copywriting skills today.


Consulting: Teaching a skill to others and help them improve. This is good for those who are experts in a specific field.

Where to offer your consulting services? Here are some of the best sites for giving expert advice.

  • Just Answer: They offer advice from verified experts.
  • Maven: Connects you to those who need your expertise the most.
  • Clarity: Experts are paid for how much they able to help.


Course-building: Teaching a skill to others.

What is the best platform to sell your course? Below are some of the best sites you can choose.

  • Teachable: The platform is clean and easy to use.
  • Udemy: Offers a lot of flexibility for course builder.
  • Kajabi: One of the most trusted platforms.
  • Skillshare: Simply processes and format.
  • Podia: an affordable and intuitive platform for online courses.


4. Take Online Surveys that pay you money. 

If you choose this way to make money online, you needed to be very careful because there are many illegitimate sites out there.

What are survey sites that pay actual money? I have listed three of the most trusted survey site on the internet today. Rest assured that if you use them, you’ll be making money with them.

Survey Junkie: They pay instant cash on your PayPal account. It’s one of the most trusted platforms to work from home taking surveys.

InboxDollars: They will pay if you sign up with them the things you are already doing. Things like watching TV, shopping online, and sharing your feedback and opinion.

Pinecone Research: If you love sharing your ideas on how to make a certain product more valuable in the market. This platform is for you.

There are still many other survey sites out there, however, they all pretty much offer the same thing. Starting from these three is actually already enough.


5. Invest in Peer-to-Peer Lending 

You may think that it is dangerous to invest your money online. As we are accustomed to investing in offline business. However, things had changed so much nowadays,  and so is investing.

There are many forms of investing. For this post, we will focus on Peer to peer lending. 

What is Peer-to-Peer Lending? It is to allow people to borrow your money in return for a profit. Compared to banks,  it is way more profitable.

What are the sites to do peer-to-peer lending? Below are some sites through which you can invest to make money online. Note that, you are not paying any money on this. Investment means, making your money work for you.

Prosper: Only takes $25 to get started. The first peer-to-peer lending company started online in 2005.

Peerform: Investors can choose types of risk they are willing to take.

FundingCirle: If you have a big amount to invest and want to help businesses.

FundRise: If it is your dream to invest in Real Estate. This platform is for you.

Lending Club: You just need $1,000 to get started and automate all the processes to start making returns.


6. Invest further in a highly scalable business

In the past, when I was just starting out,  I was extremely comfortable having only one source of income, however, after a while, after the business failed, and I went downhill with nothing, this happens since I rely on one income source. I realize it is wrong to depend on one source of income.

Therefore, to invest further is a good idea to protect yourself from any financial harm.

What is a highly scalable business? To put it simply, it is a business that you can grow profits as time passes by.

The best example of a highly-scalable business online is “Starting a blog“. With a blog, you can grow it to a solid and long-term business that will work for you 24/7.

If you want to know how to start a highly-scalable business by starting a blog. I will share them here soon.

What to do next? 

We’ve covered 6 ways to start making money online. It’s a lot and the best way to do next now at this moment is to get started.

Just started, then you’re good to go.


Now, let’s summarize what we have discussed on how to start making money online without paying for anything.

how to start making money pinterest

1. Get an online job
2. Do some profitable side-hustle
3. Freelance your high-income skill
4. Take Online Surveys that pay you money
5. Invest in Peer-to-peer lending
6. Invest further in a highly-scalable business.

I hope this helps you. Thank you!

28 Sites To Make Money Online Fast

Today, we will talk about 28 Sites To Make Money Online Fast. These sites will pay up to $100 per hour. Yes! It is not a typo-error.

Some encouragement before we begin.

I hope you are doing pretty much well on your end today reading this post.

If things did not go well for you today, I may not be in the position to say this, but I hope you don’t stop believing that things will go well in the end.

You’ve maybe heard that if it is not going well today, meaning it does not yet end, going well will be our end. Surely.

It has been said as well that “our present circumstances are the very result of our decisions in the past.”


Ways to make money online. 

In relation to this topic, if you decide to put into action what will be discussed in this post about ways to make money online.

Whatever the negative circumstances you are in now, if there are any, it will surely change for the better.

I thought I’d like to share that before going any further. Hence, I am a firm believer of the effort principle which could be summed up to something like this:

“Knowing is greater than doing”.

So I hope you don’t mind me sharing. 

Now, let’s talk about ways to make money online.


Ways to Make Money – Goal.

Basically the goal of this post is to discuss the easiest way to make money online from $10 to $100 per hour. Yes, it is possible!

Without further ado, let’s begin.

We all have our reasons for choosing to make money online, as for me, I choose to make money online because apart from I know how it works, and it works really well for me, it offers a lot of freedom than having a 9 to 5 job.

Does it mean 9 to 5 job sucks?

I am not saying that 9 to 5 jobs suck, many people are passionate about their job, not just because they have a job, but because it’s their dream job, it makes them feel fulfilled on a daily basis.

Think of Teachers for example – it is not an easy job but since teaching is their passion, so they are happy.

If you are happy with your job, whether it’s a 9 to 5 job or business online. It doesn’t matter.

What really matters is you are happy with what you do. As long as the sense of fulfillment is there. You are in the right place.

As for me, I am happy about making money online.

However, you are reading this post now because you are interested in making money online.

Whether you are:

  1. Looking to supplement your income for some unexpected expenses or for some extra cashOr…
  2. Looking to replace your source of income for the better.

 Either way, you’ve come to the right place.


28 Websites That Allows You to Make Money Online Now.

The following ways to make money can make you money as soon as today if you act them right away at this point.

This means that some of the ways to make money I shared here are active income, not passive income.

What is active income?

It is basically based on your need for the day or for the month for paying some bills and unexpected expenses. It comes from salaries, tips, gigs, etc.

What is passive income?

It is basically building something once and it pays you over and over again, month after month.

It comes from an investment, a profit from something that does not pay a long time, but pays well, if done right, once it started to pay back.

Surely, passive income is really attractive, however, we all have different needs, some might need to pay bills now, and some may not.

Realizing however that we cannot trade our time for dollars all the time, given the luxury of time and given the amount of effort you are willing to commit, starting a passive income when trying to make money is really advisable to do.

As a start, however, let’s begin with active income ways to make money.

Let’s start the list.

The goal should be to start with active income then, hopefully, save up to start a passive income.

Make Money With Legit Paid Survey Online Websites.

The following paid survey online sites pay up to $50/hr.

These are the best paid online surveys that will surely pay and will not just scam you or ask you to pay for something before “earning” anything.

If you put the right work on these websites you can earn money that can help you satisfy your needs.

How do you get paid?

Using PayPal or gift Certificates.  If you don’t have your PayPal Account ready, register a PayPal account today before starting, it is easy and fast.



a screenhot

If you sign up now, you’ll get an instant $10 bonus.

To date, they have already paid over $300,000,000 to their users, and what’s even more surprising is they are giving 7,000 gift certificates to their users daily.

With Swagbucks, all you have to do really is to do the things you are already doing online such as shopping online, browsing the internet, or just about watching your favorite videos or movies online.

You will be given some surveys to answer and you’ll earn points that can be converted to gift certificates or cash, and you can redeem your cash or gift certificates using Amazon, Walmart, or Paypal.

Click here to register to Swagbucks and make money now.


2. MyPoints

When you shop to your favorite stores using the links they provided, you can earn points and after taking 5 surveys you will get $5.

As soon as your shopping activity was reported to them you will get points as well and these points can be converted to cash via PayPal or a gift card to your favorite store.

If you register now, they also offer a $10 bonus by just signing up.

Click here to sign up for MyPoints and earn money now.


3. Survey Junkie


If you love giving your best opinion about a certain product to encourage known brands to deliver more remarkable products and services. Survey Junkie is your site.

I personally love this site, it simply because you are just making your favorite brand more meaningful to you. This means that you are helping your favorite brand or product become more and more valuable.

Click here to sign up to Survey Junkie and start making money now.


4. Vindale Research

This survey site is for everyone who is looking to earn money online.

Each day, they add thousands of new surveys, and you can literally take a survey anywhere at any time as long as the internet is present.

You can do it using your computer at home or using your smartphone.

To date, they already paid $7,000,000 to their users, and your earnings can be transferred to PayPal.

Vindale Research is free and super secure, so you don’t have to worry about giving out your information. You are indeed in good hands.

Ready to get paid by taking surveys? Click here to register for Vindale Research and starting making money from home.


5. InboxDollars

Another way to earn extra income from home is by joining InboxDollars. As easy as it sounds, you get paid by doing what you already do.

Watching TV? Browsing the internet?, Playing games? How about getting paid while doing them?

They will pay cash using PayPal and not just points.

Click here to register to InboxDollars, and start making free cash.


6. OneOpinion

Personally, what I like about OneOpinion is you can be part of participating in interesting studies. It is like becoming part of something really exclusive and earn money doing it.

Another strong point of OneOpinion is they don’t delay payments, they paid fast, and they have so many surveys that will not bore you. If you need anything as well, their amazing customer service is there to help you live.

Ready to participate in interesting projects? Click here to register to OneOpinion.


7. SurveyClub

Basically, the more you give them your personal information, the more they can give you opportunities to participate in a survey since they provide surveys that are really targeted.

This makes them really unique, they only provide survey opportunities to those who can participate so it saves a lot of time on both the platform and the users.

If you are ready, you can register here and start receiving deposited cash.


8. LifePoints

With LifePoints, you will be joining a community of people who are interested in one specific subject. When you participate you get paid doing it.

This is really amazing as well because you can connect with people who share the same interest.

If you are ready, you join them here. Earning money and connecting to people with amazing minds is really precious.


9. Pinecone Research 

When you join Pinecone Research, you will be among the people who can hear about a certain product before it goes to the market. How amazing it is right?

If you are ready, click here to register and receive amazing updates from Pinecone Research and earn money in the process.


10. VIP Voice

Like Vindale Research you can also share your opinion on a certain product so that they can improve.

And if you share your buying behavior with them in the most constructive way possible then you will be earning well with them.

If you are ready to register, click here and start getting paid.


11. MySoapBox

If you want to give your opinion on the products or services that you are already using now, then this platform is really for you.

Whether you like something or there are something you wanted to improve then you can do it on this site and you will also get paid for that.

If you are ready to get paid by expressing your opinion on the products you are using, then register to MySoapBox and start earning money.

Let’s recap what we have discussed so far.

11 Legit Online Paid Survey Websites that pay up to $50/hour.

a happy woman

  1. Swagbucks
  2. MyPoints
  3. Survey Junkie
  4. Vindale Research
  5. InboxDollars.
  6. OneOpinion
  7. SurveyClub.
  8. LifePoints.
  9. Pinecone Research.
  10. VIP Voice.
  11. MySoapBox

Make Money by Testing Websites and Apps

This time, let us continue by discussing some 17 ways to make money testing websites and  Apps.

Yes, this is true, these days, many companies are willing to pay people just test their apps or websites.

All you have to do is to be on the users’ shoes and express it to the owner of the apps for them to come up with better versions of parts that you believe need improvements as a user.

Before we proceed with the list, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How much do website testers get paid?

They pay for each site differs from site to site. But usually, it pays $10 each completed test. Say you can complete 10 test daily, that’s $100 per day or $3,000 per month.


What are the best product testing sites?

What I listed here are the best, however, it depends on your appetite, and also it depends on your demographic location.

This is true because some test are only limited to a specific country even cities. However, there are so much test available for everybody.


How can you make money by testing a site?

Basically, we will just have to register on their site and participate in their given tasks or assignments to get paid. We should not pay for anything.


Does user testing really pay?

The short answer is yes and no. Yes if you are willing to do any task or test you are qualified, and no if you do otherwise.

They pay using PayPal. So it is better to have your PayPal account ready.

Now, let’s proceed with the list.


12. User testing

If you are an avid fan of making a website or an app to have a great user experience by sharing what you believe is good for the users, then join UserTesting.


13. Respondent 

If you are willing to participate in highest-quality research and you have the ability and right amount of qualities to participate and test many things then join Respondent.

They are really good at it. Join Respondent here and start earning.


14. TrymyUI

The app creator will set some assignments for you and you will do it and share your opinion about it.

It’s fun and you will also get paid. Be constructive as you can be and you’ll gain more projects or tests to take, which means, you’ll earn more.

Join TrymyUI here and start making some extra money.


15. Validately

This is really simple, the more you test site, the more you make money.  Basically you’ll just have to answer questions given to you.

As a pro tip, be more insightful. Then, you’ll naturally gain more out from it.

Join validately and get paid by speaking your thoughts.

16. Utest

Utest is a professional network of testers. This means that the testers are really qualified to test an app or a website. Feeling not qualified for anything?

Just browse their site, you’ll find that there are many things to do, just make sure that you share to them your skills so that they can know on how to work with you effectively.

Ready? Join Utest now and earn money.


17. Intuit User Research

Tell them what you think about a certain product.

The more you give constructive feedback, the more likely you are to receive paid feedback sessions.

If you like them to visit you for a paid feedback session create a profile and earn good money.


18. UntelliZoom

If you are willing to share your opinion and experiences about certain products.

UntelliZoom will make you feel that you matter – all your opinions matter.

Join them and earn money by sharing what matters to you.


19. Userbrain

If you are good at checking errors, bugs, or any factor that affects the user’s experience on a certain app or website, UserBrain will pay you doing so.

Check their site and join them to get paid.


20. Userlytics

Within 20 minutes, you could earn up to $90. They are also one of the most advanced websites and app testing services in the market today.

Check them out and get paid!


21. Testio

The goal of this site is to make app creators and website owners make their digital property run faster.

And so if you want to become their tester, your primary concern is to check what makes an app or site run slow.

They pay up to $50. Join them today if you find it interesting to locate bugs.



They will pay you up to $60/hour for trying something new, something that the market does not know yet.

Excited about this? Join  TestingTime and make some good money.

What if you get to work 3 hours daily? Each for $60? That’s $180/day or $5,400/each month. It’s just an approximation, but it is surely achievable.


23. Enroll

If you like making the web a better place, then Enroll App is for you. Their goal is simple, test anything anywhere and make it better.

Making things better and make money while doing it? It’s like a dream job, but it’s true with Enroll App.

Join Enroll App today.


24. Beta Testing

Expert at something? Beta Testing is will pay you up to $100 per completed test. Complete 3 test, you have $300 per day, that’s already enough.


25. Ferception

Like to simplify things in an app or website? This is for you. This is the simplest work online.

Join Ferception today and enjoy making things simple and earn money while doing so.


26. Userfeel

Want to test a website and app in your language? Join Userfeel and get paid by just working the test in your home.


27. Loop11

Are you good at checking navigational errors and usability issues?

Loop11 is for you.

If you are one of those people who say “ it is better if the homepage is like this.” You’ll be earning with loop11. Join here!


28. Cheakealos

Like to just have fun testing sites, and almost everything online? And get paid? That is what Cheakealos is here for.

They are free to join and they have interesting and fun ways of testing sites and apps for their testers.

Now, let’s summarize what we have learned on where to make money by testing websites and apps.

17 Sites that Pays up to $100/hour by testing websites and apps.

  1. User Testing.
  2. Respondent.
  3. TrymyUI
  4. Validately
  5. Utest
  6. Intuit User Research
  7. UntelliZoom
  8. Userbrain
  9. Userlytics
  10. 10.Testio
  11. Testingtime
  12. Enroll
  13. Beta Testing
  14. Ferception
  15. Userfeel
  16. Loop11
  17. Cheakealos



Finally, we’ve come to the end of this post, if you work on these sites with self-discipline then you will be earning money as soon as today.

There are so many proven ways to make money online, but I will just stop this post here for now so you can start with these sites and finally be making some money to catch up with your financial concerns.


What to do next?

If you have any questions, you may comment them below this page.

And if you have any other sites to add, and you want to express your opinion about it, feel free to post them below this post, and I will surely get on each of them accordingly.

Thank you, have a great time, enjoy earning!