Why I set Financial Goals and Why it is Important?

It has been said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

In my opinion, it goes the same with financial planning.  Since  I plan to achieve financial freedom, to have a clear goal in mind is paramount. This is why I set my own financial goals.

Why they are important? For me, there are two reasons.

Reason #1: Setting financial goals guides my decisions and behavior. 

While we all have different financial statuses and situations, setting a financial goal will allow me to stay focus on a daily basis.

Reason #2: Setting financial goals and sharing them will help me practice accountability. 

Conventional wisdom and researchers agree that sharing your goals with a friend will help you achieve your goal since the practice inhibits accountability.

As I have mentioned in my About Me Page, I consider readers of IncomeURL as friends since you came here, reading my contents, for the same amount of interest as I do.

The interest of working from home, building an online business, and build passive income to achieve financial freedom to obtain the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family or pursue meaningful acts on this life.

My financial goals

a planner over coffee

These goals of mine will constantly be updated as I go through this journey. Therefore, you’ll notice a constant update on this page.

April 2020 to May 2020 Goals:

Goal #1: Work from home: Earn a full-time income working from home. ( April 2020 )

Goal #2: Online Business: Build A B2B Brand that is projected to generate 5-figure  each month either from paying customers or sales. (May 2020)

Goal #3: Passive Income: Build A B2C Brand or authority site and monetize with display advertising from  AdThrive or  Mediavine (May 2020)

Regularly, I’ll be posting an update on them.

So there it is, I am really excited.

If you have any suggestions or just about anything you want to say, you can add a comment below or you can contact me using this contact form here.

Thank you for reading. Jacob.