How to Make Money Blogging

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Hello! Welcome to How to Make Money Blogging Part 1. Today, we will be talking a lot of introduction and mind-setting for you to understand blogging as the most profitable business online.

What you will learn from this post? 

By the end of this article, you will know why it is worth your time and effort to start a blogging business in the comfort of your home.

You will learn some of the most basic mind-setting to start a blog the makes money from scratch.

Overview: What we will talk about. 

We will talk about the following:

  • The best reasons why starting a blogging business is good and worth the investment of your time.
  • Understand the power and income potential of the blogging business.
  •  Some basic understanding of how valuable blogging business as a way to make money online.

Without further ado, let’s begin.


9 Reasons Why Starting and Growing a Blogging Business Is a great idea.

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First, it is important to remind you that starting, and growing your own blogging business takes a lot of time, effort, and sacrifices on your end. I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Nothing great comes easy right? I am telling you this upfront so that whenever the going gets tough, you’ll end up saying “Anyway it will be worth it”.

I mean to say that, since blogging is not easy, it is not for everyone. It is only for those who are willing to do the actual grunt and actual sacrifices to reap a great harvest in the end.

So making sure that you are 200% ready to start and grow your blogging business, let’s discuss the best reasons here today.


1. With blogging, you can work wherever and whenever you want. 

Many of us are stuck in the 9-5 routine, and though it is not necessarily bad, sometimes, we just don’t feel like coming to work but we have to.

However, it is completely different from a blogging business. The reason I myself is running and starting a blog is for this reason as well. This the best about running a blogging business.

What happens when you have grown and run a successful blog? That dream-like lifestyle can literally happen. You can literally:

  • Work from home
  • Work in a coffee shop or co-working space.
  • Work anywhere, anytime.

All while either traveling or running some activities that matter to you the most to live more in this life.

It’s more like fantasy, however, it is true because with blogging business you will only be needing an internet connection which is anywhere nowadays and a laptop which almost everyone owns at least 1.

There are already many people who are making good income blogging all while traveling the world – exploring or doing the things that matter to them – while maintaining the business to earn money online.

Here is some example of certain people who make money online by blogging all while traveling the world or doing the things they like to do.

NOMADasaurus: This couple earns up to $6,000 each month all while traveling. They explained to Business Insider how they make money.

Like this, you don’t have to worry about piling up your vacation days to get that trip of your life.

However, as for me, while it is good to travel the world and do the things you like to do in your life, what is really great about blogging is you can choose your own time and schedules without having to worry about any consequences.

In the simplest form, this means that with blogging business you can:

  • Set your own hours
  • Work in your PJs
  • You can be yourself in the process.

This is the first reason, let’s discuss the second reason.


2. It is completely passive 

Passive means, you only do it once and it will continue to earn you money over and over again, month after month, long-term.

This is everybody’s dream.

Starting a blogging business is completely passive because you don’t have to trade your precious time for dollars. Meaning it can make you money passively all at the comfort of your home or just anywhere you want to be.

What makes blogging business different from all other businesses? Unlike starting an offline business, a blogging business is done online, therefore, it runs 24/7 without your presence, as long as it is crafted perfectly, it runs by itself, function by itself, and make money for you without you being there all the time.

As long as everything is set up in order and properly, with blogging business, your only concern will be about how to grow your blog further rather than working to maintain it further to make money.

You won’t be dealing with irate clients or answering each and every concern of your boss.

How amazing right? This is why many are looking to make money online blogging. 

Another important factor to make your blog passive and successful is a strong content strategy called SEO. Through this, Google will be sending you a lot of people to your site. A lot of it. Massive traffic.

Like this, it is easy to understand that to grow a high-income blog passively, we need to start right with our blog, and especially with SEO to drive a lot of traffic freely.

At this point, let’s proceed with the number three reason why blogging business is a great business.


3. It’s highly-scalable that the more you work on it, the more it makes more money long-term. 

Apart from blogging is completely passive. It is really easy to make money with blogging without having to work for long hours just like the traditional way of earning money.

For example, if your SEO or strategy has been done right to your blogs, updating, and adding more content to your blog will only result in an increase in your traffic or website visitor more higher than the previous result.

However, though, you must learn to discipline yourself, because, since blogging is completely passive, it easy to get idle and slack often.

It easy to get lazy because starting a blog makes you money without having to constantly work for it or maintain it.  Note that if you choose to just pause, work with something that makes you happy and fulfilling instead.

For example, Nomadic Matt earns $50,000 a month all while traveling the world and help others as well.

Like this, blogging business is a business you can scale up and finally be helping others as well.

This the third-best reason, now, we will proceed with the fourth reason.


4.  It helps you become resilient or more in the process.

When it comes to making money online, blogging really tests your level of creativity, patience, and endurance as time passes. For this, you will need to have a mindset of being resilient to learn new things and to try new and many things to be successful.

With blogging, you needed to have the ability to stay organize and productive without losing your motivation.

Just like any other business, there are going to be many hardships in the process, and staying creative, organize, and productive could really help a lot to overcome them.

Remember that, at the end of the day, it is never about the process or how perfect the journey has been, rather, it will always be about how it made you a better version of yourself, and what you have become after.

For example, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, he started by selling books online, he never delayed shipping even a single book. Can you see how big Amazon now?

His attitude of taking things seriously piece by piece allowed him to keep going and reach the point of where he is now. Jeff Bezos is not the richest man for no reason. 

He was just selling books, but now he’s taking over the world with more than just books. It goes the same with a blogging business.

It’s hard to grow a profitable blog, yes, but when you get to use to it, creating a profitable blog is such a great challenge you’ll enjoy, so you naturally create more and more blogs.

Now, let’s talk about the fifth reason why it is best to grow a profitable blog as a business.


5.  You were going to develop a valuable skill-set, a high-income skill you can be proud of. 

Back in 2009, while still in college, I was surprised to know that when I applied as an Internet Marketing Consultant to a well-known digital marketing firm in Canada and the US, I was competing with people who are actually professionally inclined and got a formal education.

What’s even more surprising? I got the job instead of them. Who would have thought that a mere college student would win the bid?

Why I got the job? I ask myself later, then I realize that the company is looking for somebody who has the skills that drive results and not just mere knowledge.

In the same way, while many are teaching how to start a blog, not many actually know how to do start a blogging business. A blog that earns actual money for you passively.

Establishing and growing a blogging business, in the process will extremely help you develop an extremely high-income skill, that many would find it extremely valuable to the point that they will be willing to pay any amount to learn from you.

For example, in Teachable, there many course creators who are making money selling courses. Basically, all the courses here are from creators’ high-income skills, by teaching their high-income skills they make money.  It is the same with a blogging business.

Let’s move to reason number six to learn more about self-improvement and development.


6. It will improve your level of critical thinking and time management. 

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to make money online,  and it is completely different from the traditional path we are accustomed to.

It’s a business that gives you a lot of confidence since it is a business that not everyone is doing or can do properly given it takes a lot of sacrifices and learning curves.

Running an online business naturally improves your critical thinking and time management because you yourself are responsible for the growth and success of your business.

And finally, since you know and is doing something that not everyone is doing and know, you’ll have a pure joy of explaining it to others, another level of confidence.

Now, let’s think about a meaningful connection to other online business owners in number 7.


7. You can have great and amazing connections to people who are doing it successfully. 

It’s no secret that you are most likely to evolve to someone according to your environment and according to the people you are being surrounded with.

With blogging business, naturally, you can get acquainted with people who are already doing it very well.

Apart from that, you can get to learn from them a lot of things and finally be in your best self when it comes to running your own blogging business.

In the of the day, it’s who you know not what you know. 

Now, let’s proceed with the number 8 reason why growing a blogging business is really worth your time and effort.


8. It’s completely sustainable and long-term.

When Bezos, the founder of Amazon had a meeting with his employees, he said ” One day, Amazon will fail, but our job is to delay it as long as possible” While he said this to encourage his employees to stay hungry and focus, it is true in all levels.

All businesses will soon fail if we continually neglect some things little by little, however, with blogging business, you can feel safe with it, because as long as you’ve done the right set up, and as long as the internet is present, your business will be working for you 24/7.

Therefore, a strong SEO and the right set up with your blogging business is needed so that regardless of Google’s Algorithm update, the business will even more thrive.

What do  I mean about this? Create a high-quality blog, and by quality blog, I mean create a blog that helps a lot of people.

Another reason for number 9 is probably the best reason of all.  Let’s talk about it now.


9. It pays a lot at the end of the day. 

For most of us, we’d rather be tired than broke. In fact,  I know a lot of friends and acquaintances who work 12 hours a day just to keep the ball rolling.

Of course, they are willing to work long hours because they are looking to get paid more, this is okay, but it’s impossible to do it for years. As I was saying, it is impossible to trade our time for dollars all our lives. Life is too short.

With blogging business, however, although it was not easy in the beginning, once it has been set up properly, it will earn you huge payday passively long-term. This is why I love blogging business.

Apart from that, you can also sell your blog a lot more than its current monthly income.

For example, there are many sites in Flippa that are making $1000 each month and they sell it at $30,000 each month.

How is this possible? The blog is proven to be profitable long-term.

Here’s another example.  This website here is making around $5,000 each month. However, it is currently for sale at $50,000

a screenshot of site being sold

a website screenshot worth


Is there someone who will buy it? A lot in fact. Check this out.

comparing prices
If you compare the Monthly Net Profit of the blog to the price it was sold for, you can tell that it’s a lot of profit.


Can you see the income potential with blogging business? I am sure you can.

By this time, with these 9 reasons alone, you can tell that is completely worth the hustle to start your own blogging business.

In fact, there are a lot of benefits in starting your own blogging business, however, for now, let’s end this here.


Let’s summarize the reason why you must start a blog as your business.

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1. With blogging, you can work wherever and whenever you want. You are your own boss.
2. It is completely passive. You can have more time to do more with your life.
3. It’s highly-scalable that the more you work on it, the more it makes more money long-term. You have total control.
4.  It helps you become resilient or more in the process. Changes you for the better.
5.  You were going to develop a valuable skill-set, a high-income skill you can be proud of. It makes you a real entrepreneur.
6. It will improve your level of critical thinking and time management. Improves your personal quality.
7. You can have great and amazing connections to people who are doing it successfully. You grow with like-minded people.
8. It’s completely sustainable and long-term. You feel safe with your financial future.
9. It pays a lot at the end of the day. No more financial concerns.


What to do next? 

If you are ready to start your own blogging business. Check my step-by-step guide on how to start your own blogging business. 

If you have any questions, please do drop them below in the comment section, and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Thank you, may enjoy success from here and have a great time!



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