28 Sites To Make Money Online Fast

Today, we will talk about 28 Sites To Make Money Online Fast. These sites will pay up to $100 per hour. Yes! It is not a typo-error.

Some encouragement before we begin.

I hope you are doing pretty much well on your end today reading this post.

If things did not go well for you today, I may not be in the position to say this, but I hope you don’t stop believing that things will go well in the end.

You’ve maybe heard that if it is not going well today, meaning it does not yet end, going well will be our end. Surely.

It has been said as well that “our present circumstances are the very result of our decisions in the past.”


Ways to make money online. 

In relation to this topic, if you decide to put into action what will be discussed in this post about ways to make money online.

Whatever the negative circumstances you are in now, if there are any, it will surely change for the better.

I thought I’d like to share that before going any further. Hence, I am a firm believer of the effort principle which could be summed up to something like this:

“Knowing is greater than doing”.

So I hope you don’t mind me sharing. 

Now, let’s talk about ways to make money online.


Ways to Make Money – Goal.

Basically the goal of this post is to discuss the easiest way to make money online from $10 to $100 per hour. Yes, it is possible!

Without further ado, let’s begin.

We all have our reasons for choosing to make money online, as for me, I choose to make money online because apart from I know how it works, and it works really well for me, it offers a lot of freedom than having a 9 to 5 job.

Does it mean 9 to 5 job sucks?

I am not saying that 9 to 5 jobs suck, many people are passionate about their job, not just because they have a job, but because it’s their dream job, it makes them feel fulfilled on a daily basis.

Think of Teachers for example – it is not an easy job but since teaching is their passion, so they are happy.

If you are happy with your job, whether it’s a 9 to 5 job or business online. It doesn’t matter.

What really matters is you are happy with what you do. As long as the sense of fulfillment is there. You are in the right place.

As for me, I am happy about making money online.

However, you are reading this post now because you are interested in making money online.

Whether you are:

  1. Looking to supplement your income for some unexpected expenses or for some extra cashOr…
  2. Looking to replace your source of income for the better.

 Either way, you’ve come to the right place.


28 Websites That Allows You to Make Money Online Now.

The following ways to make money can make you money as soon as today if you act them right away at this point.

This means that some of the ways to make money I shared here are active income, not passive income.

What is active income?

It is basically based on your need for the day or for the month for paying some bills and unexpected expenses. It comes from salaries, tips, gigs, etc.

What is passive income?

It is basically building something once and it pays you over and over again, month after month.

It comes from an investment, a profit from something that does not pay a long time, but pays well, if done right, once it started to pay back.

Surely, passive income is really attractive, however, we all have different needs, some might need to pay bills now, and some may not.

Realizing however that we cannot trade our time for dollars all the time, given the luxury of time and given the amount of effort you are willing to commit, starting a passive income when trying to make money is really advisable to do.

As a start, however, let’s begin with active income ways to make money.

Let’s start the list.

The goal should be to start with active income then, hopefully, save up to start a passive income.

Make Money With Legit Paid Survey Online Websites.

The following paid survey online sites pay up to $50/hr.

These are the best paid online surveys that will surely pay and will not just scam you or ask you to pay for something before “earning” anything.

If you put the right work on these websites you can earn money that can help you satisfy your needs.

How do you get paid?

Using PayPal or gift Certificates.  If you don’t have your PayPal Account ready, register a PayPal account today before starting, it is easy and fast.



a screenhot

If you sign up now, you’ll get an instant $10 bonus.

To date, they have already paid over $300,000,000 to their users, and what’s even more surprising is they are giving 7,000 gift certificates to their users daily.

With Swagbucks, all you have to do really is to do the things you are already doing online such as shopping online, browsing the internet, or just about watching your favorite videos or movies online.

You will be given some surveys to answer and you’ll earn points that can be converted to gift certificates or cash, and you can redeem your cash or gift certificates using Amazon, Walmart, or Paypal.

Click here to register to Swagbucks and make money now.


2. MyPoints

When you shop to your favorite stores using the links they provided, you can earn points and after taking 5 surveys you will get $5.

As soon as your shopping activity was reported to them you will get points as well and these points can be converted to cash via PayPal or a gift card to your favorite store.

If you register now, they also offer a $10 bonus by just signing up.

Click here to sign up for MyPoints and earn money now.


3. Survey Junkie


If you love giving your best opinion about a certain product to encourage known brands to deliver more remarkable products and services. Survey Junkie is your site.

I personally love this site, it simply because you are just making your favorite brand more meaningful to you. This means that you are helping your favorite brand or product become more and more valuable.

Click here to sign up to Survey Junkie and start making money now.


4. Vindale Research

This survey site is for everyone who is looking to earn money online.

Each day, they add thousands of new surveys, and you can literally take a survey anywhere at any time as long as the internet is present.

You can do it using your computer at home or using your smartphone.

To date, they already paid $7,000,000 to their users, and your earnings can be transferred to PayPal.

Vindale Research is free and super secure, so you don’t have to worry about giving out your information. You are indeed in good hands.

Ready to get paid by taking surveys? Click here to register for Vindale Research and starting making money from home.


5. InboxDollars

Another way to earn extra income from home is by joining InboxDollars. As easy as it sounds, you get paid by doing what you already do.

Watching TV? Browsing the internet?, Playing games? How about getting paid while doing them?

They will pay cash using PayPal and not just points.

Click here to register to InboxDollars, and start making free cash.


6. OneOpinion

Personally, what I like about OneOpinion is you can be part of participating in interesting studies. It is like becoming part of something really exclusive and earn money doing it.

Another strong point of OneOpinion is they don’t delay payments, they paid fast, and they have so many surveys that will not bore you. If you need anything as well, their amazing customer service is there to help you live.

Ready to participate in interesting projects? Click here to register to OneOpinion.


7. SurveyClub

Basically, the more you give them your personal information, the more they can give you opportunities to participate in a survey since they provide surveys that are really targeted.

This makes them really unique, they only provide survey opportunities to those who can participate so it saves a lot of time on both the platform and the users.

If you are ready, you can register here and start receiving deposited cash.


8. LifePoints

With LifePoints, you will be joining a community of people who are interested in one specific subject. When you participate you get paid doing it.

This is really amazing as well because you can connect with people who share the same interest.

If you are ready, you join them here. Earning money and connecting to people with amazing minds is really precious.


9. Pinecone Research 

When you join Pinecone Research, you will be among the people who can hear about a certain product before it goes to the market. How amazing it is right?

If you are ready, click here to register and receive amazing updates from Pinecone Research and earn money in the process.


10. VIP Voice

Like Vindale Research you can also share your opinion on a certain product so that they can improve.

And if you share your buying behavior with them in the most constructive way possible then you will be earning well with them.

If you are ready to register, click here and start getting paid.


11. MySoapBox

If you want to give your opinion on the products or services that you are already using now, then this platform is really for you.

Whether you like something or there are something you wanted to improve then you can do it on this site and you will also get paid for that.

If you are ready to get paid by expressing your opinion on the products you are using, then register to MySoapBox and start earning money.

Let’s recap what we have discussed so far.

11 Legit Online Paid Survey Websites that pay up to $50/hour.

a happy woman

  1. Swagbucks
  2. MyPoints
  3. Survey Junkie
  4. Vindale Research
  5. InboxDollars.
  6. OneOpinion
  7. SurveyClub.
  8. LifePoints.
  9. Pinecone Research.
  10. VIP Voice.
  11. MySoapBox

Make Money by Testing Websites and Apps

This time, let us continue by discussing some 17 ways to make money testing websites and  Apps.

Yes, this is true, these days, many companies are willing to pay people just test their apps or websites.

All you have to do is to be on the users’ shoes and express it to the owner of the apps for them to come up with better versions of parts that you believe need improvements as a user.

Before we proceed with the list, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How much do website testers get paid?

They pay for each site differs from site to site. But usually, it pays $10 each completed test. Say you can complete 10 test daily, that’s $100 per day or $3,000 per month.


What are the best product testing sites?

What I listed here are the best, however, it depends on your appetite, and also it depends on your demographic location.

This is true because some test are only limited to a specific country even cities. However, there are so much test available for everybody.


How can you make money by testing a site?

Basically, we will just have to register on their site and participate in their given tasks or assignments to get paid. We should not pay for anything.


Does user testing really pay?

The short answer is yes and no. Yes if you are willing to do any task or test you are qualified, and no if you do otherwise.

They pay using PayPal. So it is better to have your PayPal account ready.

Now, let’s proceed with the list.


12. User testing

If you are an avid fan of making a website or an app to have a great user experience by sharing what you believe is good for the users, then join UserTesting.


13. Respondent 

If you are willing to participate in highest-quality research and you have the ability and right amount of qualities to participate and test many things then join Respondent.

They are really good at it. Join Respondent here and start earning.


14. TrymyUI

The app creator will set some assignments for you and you will do it and share your opinion about it.

It’s fun and you will also get paid. Be constructive as you can be and you’ll gain more projects or tests to take, which means, you’ll earn more.

Join TrymyUI here and start making some extra money.


15. Validately

This is really simple, the more you test site, the more you make money.  Basically you’ll just have to answer questions given to you.

As a pro tip, be more insightful. Then, you’ll naturally gain more out from it.

Join validately and get paid by speaking your thoughts.

16. Utest

Utest is a professional network of testers. This means that the testers are really qualified to test an app or a website. Feeling not qualified for anything?

Just browse their site, you’ll find that there are many things to do, just make sure that you share to them your skills so that they can know on how to work with you effectively.

Ready? Join Utest now and earn money.


17. Intuit User Research

Tell them what you think about a certain product.

The more you give constructive feedback, the more likely you are to receive paid feedback sessions.

If you like them to visit you for a paid feedback session create a profile and earn good money.


18. UntelliZoom

If you are willing to share your opinion and experiences about certain products.

UntelliZoom will make you feel that you matter – all your opinions matter.

Join them and earn money by sharing what matters to you.


19. Userbrain

If you are good at checking errors, bugs, or any factor that affects the user’s experience on a certain app or website, UserBrain will pay you doing so.

Check their site and join them to get paid.


20. Userlytics

Within 20 minutes, you could earn up to $90. They are also one of the most advanced websites and app testing services in the market today.

Check them out and get paid!


21. Testio

The goal of this site is to make app creators and website owners make their digital property run faster.

And so if you want to become their tester, your primary concern is to check what makes an app or site run slow.

They pay up to $50. Join them today if you find it interesting to locate bugs.



They will pay you up to $60/hour for trying something new, something that the market does not know yet.

Excited about this? Join  TestingTime and make some good money.

What if you get to work 3 hours daily? Each for $60? That’s $180/day or $5,400/each month. It’s just an approximation, but it is surely achievable.


23. Enroll

If you like making the web a better place, then Enroll App is for you. Their goal is simple, test anything anywhere and make it better.

Making things better and make money while doing it? It’s like a dream job, but it’s true with Enroll App.

Join Enroll App today.


24. Beta Testing

Expert at something? Beta Testing is will pay you up to $100 per completed test. Complete 3 test, you have $300 per day, that’s already enough.


25. Ferception

Like to simplify things in an app or website? This is for you. This is the simplest work online.

Join Ferception today and enjoy making things simple and earn money while doing so.


26. Userfeel

Want to test a website and app in your language? Join Userfeel and get paid by just working the test in your home.


27. Loop11

Are you good at checking navigational errors and usability issues?

Loop11 is for you.

If you are one of those people who say “ it is better if the homepage is like this.” You’ll be earning with loop11. Join here!


28. Cheakealos

Like to just have fun testing sites, and almost everything online? And get paid? That is what Cheakealos is here for.

They are free to join and they have interesting and fun ways of testing sites and apps for their testers.

Now, let’s summarize what we have learned on where to make money by testing websites and apps.

17 Sites that Pays up to $100/hour by testing websites and apps.

  1. User Testing.
  2. Respondent.
  3. TrymyUI
  4. Validately
  5. Utest
  6. Intuit User Research
  7. UntelliZoom
  8. Userbrain
  9. Userlytics
  10. 10.Testio
  11. Testingtime
  12. Enroll
  13. Beta Testing
  14. Ferception
  15. Userfeel
  16. Loop11
  17. Cheakealos



Finally, we’ve come to the end of this post, if you work on these sites with self-discipline then you will be earning money as soon as today.

There are so many proven ways to make money online, but I will just stop this post here for now so you can start with these sites and finally be making some money to catch up with your financial concerns.


What to do next?

If you have any questions, you may comment them below this page.

And if you have any other sites to add, and you want to express your opinion about it, feel free to post them below this post, and I will surely get on each of them accordingly.

Thank you, have a great time, enjoy earning!



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